Macbook not showing up in audio zones [Solved, firewall]

Hi, One of my Macbook Pros is no longer showing up under network devices (on other computers on the network) and does not appear under ‘connected to this mac’ in audio settings.

I have rebooted/restarted all computers on the home network including the core.

This appears to have occurred after a recent update.

Please help.

is it perhaps on another segment of your router network (wifi guest network perhaps)?

Hi Paul, no it’s on the same network/router

Hi Bob,

Did you restart the Roon (or Roon Server) core app? Also, restart the Roon app on the remote as well. See if that helps.

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg,
I have restarted and rebooted the core computer and the networked computers several times. It’s working fine on one of my MacBook Pros but not on the other (older model) and I can’t figure out why as everything else appears to be configured the same. Everything was OK until a recent update.

Some specific advice from support would be helpful @support.

Are you referring to an OSX update, a Roon update or some other software ?

Hey @BobBDazzla,

Can you give us more info about your setup and network topology?

As a general troubleshooting steps I would suggest the following:

  • Make sure that reported device is connected to the network
  • Make sure that you can access this device from other machines within your network
  • Open ‘Activity Monitor’ and verify that RAATServer and Roon/RoonServer/RoonBridges (depends on what you use) are running

I had one Mac the other day that wasn’t seen…I could ping it but not screen share to it…I went into sharing and edited the name and then it all came good…worth a try maybe

Thanks for the suggestion, but didn’t work (computer visible on home network from core, able to screen share etc but not visible via Roon network/settings).

Hi, I have one MacBook Pro connected to my music library (ext HDD) which is my ‘core’.
A router/modem provides the home network, and I can access/stream Roon on other notebooks, Apple TV, and control using an iPhone if desired.

Up until a recent Roon update, I had been able to stream to another MacBook Pro (older version, but running identical OS (Yosemite) and the same/latest version of Roon).

This notebook is visible, connected and accessible from other computers on the network. I can connect to the core computer via my network. However it does not appear in the Roon settings/audio either as ‘connected to this Mac’ or as a ‘Networked’ device.

Yes, I can see Roon and RAAT operating in the activity monitor.

Please advise

Roon update

OK, can you please go to OSX System Preferences> Security & Privacy > Firewall and verify that RAATServer and Roon processes aren’t blocked.

Also do you use VPN, Proxy, Firewalls or Antivirus on that machine ?

That was it! Somehow the firewall was turned on…
Turning it off has solved the problem, thank you!!

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