MacOS Mojave "No OpenGL 3" error

No joy here … error stating no Open GL 3

Will not start

Hello @Robert_Moore,

I moved your post into its own thread in order to keep things organized. What model Mac are you using, and what video card does it have? You can check this by clicking on Apple button in the top left corner of the screen, and navigating to the “About This Mac” option.


MacPro 5.1

Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti

Lost the Nvidia driver as the present one is not compatible with Mojave and they are
struggling with the current Metal drivers.



saw something on apple insider about this might apply

Yes the GTX 1080 Ti is perfectly compatible with Mojave … just that Room seems to rely on OpenGL
which is no longer supported by Apple and they aggressively disabled it in the Mojave OS.

Looks like until Roon converts to Metal …

As I understand OpenGL is not disabled, but deprecated. Totally different things.

Not a huge difference if it keeps me from running Roon.