MacOS Sierra 10.12.5 Error Code - 36 on file copy to Networked watched folder [Resolved]

On attempting to copy music from my MBP to Rock on NUC with local USB SSD. Remote OSX file copy returns error code 36.
Bizarrely some of the files were copied to this folder but not all. So not files 09/10/11 UNLESS they are copied into root - that is not to the folder music

See file 09 present tense.wav successfully copied to root. But I cannot drag this into folder music as the operation returns error code - 36

Below a screenshot of the SSD

Any ideas?

Are you connected to the NUC via SMB? If so this thread might be useful:

I had lots of these kinds of Finder copy errors until I fixed SMB on both 10.11 and 10.12 macs.

Mike (and others)
All fixed! I simply re-formatted the SMB connected USB share using ExFAT. :grin:

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