macOS11 Trouble

Hi. Report a trouble.

OS: macOS11 Beta
iMac 2019
i9 9900K
Roon 1.7

Mac mini
Roon Bridge or HQPlayer4Desktop

I/F Prismsound Orpheus(New Control Panel)
All up to date.

There was a problem when I entered the beta of macOS 11.
As a symptom, a sound source of 2ch appears as noise on all 8ch from HQ Player.

Outputting from Roon Bridge will reduce noise, but it will still occur.

No problem with other software.


MacOS11 Public Beta isn’t out yet I don’t think…

Yes. I am a developer.
This is for reporting.

I can see this being moved to tinkering, roon has no support for people on non production releases

But thanks for reporting…working fine as remote on iPadOS 14 for the record tho…I’m sure quite a few developers or folks on the program here…we were in the same boat with Crapolina in the early days too

Yes, so it’s just a report.
I thought it might be related because there is no problem with other software.

It looks like you made a mistake in writing.
Please leave it as one of the reports if you like.

Unfortunately, Roon’s history and words tell us they don’t look at new releases of macOs until they are close to release. Yes, that is what they told me. Of course, there was a major screwup after a recent release of macOs so maybe they have changed their thinking on this…

not what they said: If Apple moves to ARM -- will there be a Roon Core for ARM?

Excellent. They seemed to have learned from past mistakes…

Yes, it works fine when I run Roon on a Mac mini alone.
The Mac mini OS is Catalina.
Perhaps there is something wrong with using two.

I hope to solve the problem as soon as possible, but this is a problem report only.

FYI roon client on macos 11 on my 2014 macmini works fine to my windows roon core

Probably putting Roon in my Mac mini should work fine.
This time it is a case of playing with two units

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