Main albums don't show!

I have Tidal but albums for some artists that are not in Tidal are not shown.

Tracks are shown from those albums… (but in future, please allow us (with setting) to remove popular tracks from artist page)

The same problem, there are no streaming services, but many artists ’ albums are not visible, although they are in the media library.

I hope this is fixed soon. It makes me not want to use Roon. I shouldnt have to search for every album it should be under the proper artist.

Same issue here, only using local library. Every Roon update seems to introduce more critical errors like this. Bring back 1.7 please.

Similar issue and yes I have streaming services. Albums do not show up consistently in artist drilldowns or discography links. Almost have to search for a specific album to find it. I mean, isn’t this what your product is being sold to do?!

I had Tidal, but because Roon choose Tidal Recordings over my local files i canceled my Tidal subscription.

Problem still exists in build 783. I’d hate to be in the Roon QA team this last month.

Just upgraded to build 783 and I see no change. Same artist as before has no Main albums section.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as our team continues to investigate this issue! I met with the team this morning to discuss the current status of this investigation and our next steps on this issue.

Our team is hoping that anyone seeing this issue can provide the following information:

  • Confirm whether or not this is happening with all artists, or only certain ones? Can you share a screenshot of a working artist and a non-working artist?
  • For any artist where you are seeing this, can you confirm if there have been any edits to the artist or any of the albums that are not showing up?
  • For an artist that this is occurring on, can you share a screenshot of the Focus section opened? Does anything show here?
  • If you go to Settings > General, is Show Hidden Tracks and Albums set to Yes or No?

Thanks again for the patience, folks! Our team is hard at work on this and any of the above information will be a huge help for us.

  • The problem is only with certain artists. Of the 36 artist in my library that report 50 or more main albums only with two artists the Main albums section is missing. See below the non-working artists Joan Baez and Metallica. A sample of a working artist is David Bowie.

  • I normally edit albums with external tools like MusicBrainz Picard or Puddletag. When I edit an album in Roon it is only to change the album picture or combine albums that are part of a boxset. I can not confirm that I have edited any of the albums that do not show up.

  • Show Hidden Tracks and Albums is set to Yes.

Screenshot from 2021-04-02 17-47-09

Screenshot from 2021-04-02 17-45-08
Screenshot from 2021-04-02 17-41-26

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Had the same problem witch Lionel Richies Tuskegee album.

I have a local (non-deluxe) version as primary.
Overview does not show the album.
Discography shows a Deluxe version of the album but with no ‘in library’ indicator. If I open this album I see the not-primary deluxe version. Opening the version tab shows me my local version marked as primary and 3 Tidal versions.
Tracks of my primary version of the album are shown in the popular tracks area.

Maybe this problems has something to do with different album versions with different track count.

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Only local library.
Only certain ones.
Show hidden set on yes.
Screenshot of faults:

Must show “Black Avenue EP” and “Infitrade” (see ‘My Library’)

Must show “Cuanto Quanto EP”, “Empty Void EP”, “Eolionimia EP” and “Gamma Crucis EP”, also check ‘My Library’

Please fix this, I cannot enjoy my carefully groomed library.


@dylan : I’ve described a particularly simple example of this behavior here:

I’ll be happy to provide additional details if needed.


Same problem here. I have a big library of recordings of my several bands and my own productions. I checked the files for tags: everything’s just fine there. In my artist page there are no albums, but when I go to albums and filter by my name everything shows up. My artist name is Yanco. No idea why but, many of my albums show up with Yamco/Yanco. I cant even click on Yamco.
I’m using a qnap ts NAS, windows client, all updated to latest version.

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@support: Another example. I recently ripped the entire Robert Casadesus Complete Columbia Album Collection. At the artist page of Robert Casadesus, all 60 albums are shown in Overview:

On the Discography page, just 17 albums are shown:

These seem to be exclusively the albums I was able to really identify with the Roon database track by track. What I mean with this: The Complete Columbia Album Collection is just a stub in the TiVo database, just the album title with no tracks. The albums that I identified in this way are not shown on the Discography page. Other albums could be identified with a different CD edition in a proper manner, i. e. with track-by-track matching. These albums are shown in the Discography section.

Hope this brings a little light into the issue.


This happens with many artists but not all.

Miles Davis is an easy one:

Here’s what it thinks is in my library:

And yet here is
“Four & More” clearly in my local library:

Making a Qobuz version of Kind of Blue as Primary made it finally show up in my library while the local version did not.

Here is Sketches Of Spain, again clearly in the library…and yet…not?

Panthalassa…clearly in my library…but not?

I could go on and on. I’m dumbfounded that more people aren’t reporting this or that it can’t be readily reproduced. This plagues a large part of my Roon library, especially Jazz.

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John Coltrane is another that is messed up:

Where is Coltrane '58 for example? Not in Overview…not played as part of my library and yet…lo and behold…

Not one but two versions in my library…

What is going on here? I could go on all day with examples like this. I have lost all confidence that Roon has any any idea what is in my library and what is not.

Isn’t library management Roon’s most fundamental purpose? Isn’t aggregating local files with Tidal and Qobuz one of Roon’s main selling points (according to the website)? It’s not like these are obscure artists or this is an obscure use case.

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I have added and removed Giant Steps, even different versions, over and over, and I can NOT get it to be part of my library. It shows as in library:

BUT, it does not show up in my John Coltrane library, nor in Overview, nor does it play as part of my library, nor does it ever show up in any shuffle plays. It’s in the library…and yet…not.

Some albums can be fixed by removing them and adding them again, but some not. Pulling my hair out with this…

Can anyone else on this thread or at Roon get this album to show up properly in their library?

FWIW this problem occurs with Qobuz albums, local albums, etc.

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