Many albums show same incorrect artwork

My thousands of files have more or less perfect metadata with most of them including artwork embedded into the tag. However, Roon has arbitrarily assigned a single incorrect cover to many of them. I have seen this behavior when a program picked up a cover from folder.jpg rather than the tag so I deleted all the folder.jpgs in my music folder since I don’t need them.

Is there a way to clear the artwork cache and rescan the artwork correctly. The albums in question are correctly identified by Roon. Only the artwork is wrong.

Moving to main support forum.

Hello @Ron_Ross — Thank you for sharing your report with us, it’s always appreciated!

To start may I kindly ask that you, for one of the albums where you’re seeing the incorrect cover art, go to Edit > Edit Album and grab a screenshot of the Album Artwork section and post it here?

You can check out some more information about our cover art rules here:

As mentioned in the post above, Roon is going to use the highest resolution image available for the artwork. In the event that this is incorrect, you can change the image being used in the Album Artwork section of Edit Album. You can also adjust the default behavior by going to Settings > Library > Import Settings and choosing the default behavior for Artwork.