Many artists are using artist icons instead of banner images in their bio

Continuing the discussion from Valence Art Director in Roon:

Creating a support request for Roon to look at please. Here’s another random artist pulled from my library with the same issue.

I may be wrong, but my understanding is you must vote for the image you like best in Valence. If enough votes select the image vs the logo, then the image will be displayed. I don’t know why Roon decided to replace so many images with logos but I think the users can override that choice.

Fingers crossed you are wrong then, David. That would be an extraordinary piece of decison making, were it true.

@support what’s the general turnaround time for a response on this please.

Here’s another example. The answer, by the way, is not “Improve this photo” @danny. The artist photo and many others were absolutely fine before this new system was implemented.

Click on ‘improve this photo’ and adjust/favorite a banner image.

Then wait a few days for the cache to go away.

Thousands of votes are coming in daily, this will eventually fix itself, but you can fix it faster for your artists.

That we’re going to have to disagree on. This forum and our email boxes were filled with thousands of complaints about how they were not “absolutely fine”. It’s why we created Art Director.

Instead of marking your own homework (or random commenters) as solved, I’d suggest you wait for the thread starter to deem it solved.

Pretty ridiculous patting yourself on the back, huh?

Ok, I’ve unmarked is as solved. Let’s see how this plays out.

Here’s a straightforward question. Why are you defaulting many artist banner photos to avatar/circles? Help me to understand the decision making behind that.

We are showing the avatar/circle photo of the artist instead of the large banner because we are not confident we have a good image for that artist. That’s why your “favoriting” matters.

Also note that before this release, we had no banner for Puressence at all, now we have a few of them. Give it a few days for caches to flush. This band has no suitable avatar photos… who are they?

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OK, thanks. I am happy to go with that explanation.

It’s not personally what I would have defaulted the photo to given that the artist used to have a full width banner, but I understand that’s the decision you’ve taken.

As stated above, Puressence has no banner before.

I had one in my collection :slight_smile:

It was that photo stretched. That’s what the software gave me.

oh boy, that would have looked like blurry pixelated garbage.

click on this and look at banners – that’s what you’ll see soon.

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OK, try not to become too fixated on the Puressence example.

The T’Pau example in the OP used to be a full width banner. There are high quality banners there that have been substituted for a circle.

Sorry, was just fixing up Puressence, thus my focus.

I just looked at T’Pau… it was lack of favorites so we didn’t know if the crop was good or not. I just voted for one, and it looks like 2 other people just did too… probably people who saw this post.

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High quality image, but unknown quality crop. We need both now.

All users together tell us “high quality crop” by favoriting.

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Fully understand understand your quality drive, but I suppose my consternation is/was that you’ve rolled back your “unknowns” to artist circles, rather than leave the banner as it was and then ask for the improvement.

Is that to compel people to action? :slight_smile:

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