Marantz Model 40n

Hello Roon addicts,

So I bought the new Model 40n, primarly because of all the terrific reviews and also because I am a longtime Marantz fan.
So this new model is a stereo amp (not an A/V) but it is not Roon Ready. Only Roon Tested.
I have some question before the unit is shipped to me, especially on what I will be able to do with it while using Roon.

  • Airplay: out of the question for me. Don’t like Apple and sample rates not great.

  • Endpoint options:

    • Squeezebox touch: will I be able to connect the coax out from the SBT to the coax in of the Model 40n ? If yes, what sample and can I expect ? No USB in for the Model 40n.
    • HDMI out from the NUC ROCK I am using as the core. Already tested it with my Marantz A/V receiver. Looks like I can go up to at least 92k (so already better the Airplay) + the Model 40n should do at least the same. Will I be able to stream DSD or higher rates than 92k ?
    • If both of the above are working fine, what would be best in your opinion between the two options (SBT have a display for Covers, but from a pure sound perspective) ?

Last question, I see rumors of Marantz going to Roon Ready certification but did not find any solid evidence online. Is that just a rumor ? Any real chance of having this ? that would be awesome.

Thanks a lot for your answers.

24/96 for the touch via Coax. probably DSD64 via DoP, There is a mod/hack to get the Squeezebox Touch to output 24/192.

The HDMI in on this is an ARC port that is 2 channel PCM only.

Given the above Squeezebox Touch with the mod.

Thanks !

Yes Indeed the mod on the SBT looks nice. So I understand that the SBT will work just fine ?

For HDMI PCM 2.0 only is not an issue since the amp is stéréo only.

So, why would you go SBT vs HDMI, just curious, SQ better on the SBT ?


Maybe another question: is there any twicking that I need to do on the NUC or on Roon to improve the HDMI out quality ?

Well, 24/192 vs 24/96. At the very least you don’t have to downgrade a high resolution source.

Not that I know of, although I don’t use HDMI sources for audio.

I’m a bit ambigous to the fact that you dismiss Airplay but want a SBT as a transport…
Yes, Airplay is capped at 16bit 44.1khz so out of that aspect i understand. Still, RedBook material through a good Airplay implementation should not be overlooked.

But thats beside the question, depending on your budget you could enable either a Raspberry Pi with USB out (which i’m positive the 40N does) at around €50 or the Auralic Aries G2.1 (just an example) at around €5000. The latter does a better job as transport, really! :slight_smile:
I wouldn’t wager that Marantz has any intention of implementing Roon Ready protocols in their machinery though, i’ll be a believer when i see it! :smiley:

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Thanks mate,

I will Indeed test the USB in on the 40N but from what I saw, it says USB in for storage only. Even in the official Marantz manual…

What about HDMI out if the NUC, SQ is at least as good as coax ?

I like SBT a lot, probably for emotional reasons, it served be so well for so loooooong. + It has a cover art display. But then again, if USB in works, RPi4 with display is a good option as well.

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I think you’re right! What a strange decision to omit USB input capabilities? I suppose they think HDMI ARC will be more used? But this raises another question; Will this work with a Pi with HDMI Output? I dont think so…

Still, the external transports will work nonetheless, if not over USB but rather on SPDIF.
(For the Pi’s this will mean a Hifiberry Digi+, Allo SPDIf board or similar)

You already have the Squeezebox Touch, just use that. There really isn’t much to be gained by spending on more kit, as much as I like the Allo DigiOne.

The USB port is storage only, not a streaming input. The Marantz really wants you to use the Heos system.


I probably will.

Soooo, got the model 40n up and running paired with Focal Aria 936 speakers.
Amazing experience so far.

Roon is able to connect via AirPlay no issue.

Implemented the Digital plugin for the SBT. Works perfectly. Model 40n displays the 192khz mark on the pannel.
Happy like that.

HDMI out of the NUC to the HDMI in does not work. Works great on my Marantz AV receiver. Pretty weird. Any clue ? Although I will probably not use it as long as the SBT is still alive !

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Oh and one beer for who can help me with the cover size issue on the SBT. I know its an old issue but found the solution… thanks.

Love the ol’ Squeezebox hardware. I’m keeping all of mine until their end. It is a shame that no one else has really created such a solid working endpoint for the price after all these years.

Lovely album there! :slight_smile: Tool FTW!

Please note that the HDMI entré on the Model 40N is an ARC type. I am no expert here, but likely you are using an “ordinary” HDMI input on the receiver which works?

One of the best album ever made Indeed !
So the HDMI in can only be used with a TV ? Not any regular HDMI sending basic sound ?
What a shame.

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I really don’t know what makes Audio Return Channel HDMI tick, other than it’s supposed to be connected to the corresponding input on your TV set. There are surely adapters available though, if you wouldn’t mind?

Arc inputs cannot be used as regular hdmi input as it’s not going down the same input pins.

Too Bad. Will stick to optical and coaxial. Good enough.
Thanks for the explanation.

coming back to this issue…I have a NUC with Roon Rock. I suppose things haven’t changed and the 40n is still not Roon Ready?
If I cannot use the USB input to stream audio or connect with NUC in another way, I will pass on the Marantz as much as I am attracted to it…Airplay isn’t for me.

One option is to use usb to coax/opt converter like Topping d10. Usb from Nuc to d10 and coax/opt from d10 to Marantz.

Hopefully it will be Roon Ready at some point.

I’m still using my good old SBT…
I’ve lost hope of model 40n beeing Roon Ready.
Switching house in a few month. NUC will be in the basement with the router and switch so usb output from NUC will not be possible.

Please please, if anyone has info on model 40n Roon Ready date or anything, please share.