Massive external physical CD collection

I have a very massive classic CD collection (more than 1000 CDs).
I is possible to include them to roon?

No problem, massive maybe there are users with many more times that number happily using Roon . Without being rude 1000 CD doesn’t count as even big :joy:

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Hi @Martin_Kam.
Welcome to the Roon community! As @Mike_O_Neill points out, 1000 CDs is easy for Roon on a pretty basic machine.
As a sense of scale, there seem to be a large number of users with collections over 100,000 tracks. That size library will benefit from something like an Intel i7 based machine.
There are folks well north of 250,000 tracks, and some near one million or more. That requires some heft.
Roon will take a little bit of time ingesting your library and doing some processing operations with it. During that time it might run a little bit slower than usual (maybe a day). After that, it will be an easy task for Roon.


Hallo Martin - when you say “include” in Roon, I assume you mean ripping the CDs into digital files and adding them into Roon?

Some people have asked in the past if it is possible to add just the information about their CDs into Roon - a sort of offline catalogue of their CD collection. This is not possible.

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I am totally new in Roon community and I am still waiting for new computer to install Roon on it.
I have these CD in physical format, not in digital format. Can I include them to Roon?
Thanks a lot,

You will need to rip the CDs into their digital file format like FLAC. Those will get read by Roon and become part of your library.

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Exactly. I need to include just the information about CDs into Roon - a sort of offline catalogue of CD collection.
This feature could be great for me - to have all information about my music collections (physical and digital) in one place.

Yes, well, it has been asked for (in the context of using Roon to catalogue a collection of vinyl records), but it’s extremely unlikely to happen. Roon is focused on the digital realm.


Hi @Martin_Kam, and welcome to the Roon community!

You’ll need to rip these CDs to a digital format. dBpoweramp is a pretty popular tool for this, but there are plenty of other options out there as well.

This is not possible with Roon. Roon imports only local files and tracks from streaming services. In order to see a CD in Roon, it’ll need to be available for playback digitally in one of our supported formats.

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Depending on what your plans are for using streaming services, you might want to check out Soundiiz.

It allows you to move libraries between different services/platforms. For example, it might allow you to take a Excel or CSV file of your library and pick out that library in Tidal. Once you have a Tidal library, it is simple to make it part of Roon, including all the metadata and the music.

Hi @dylan,
are local mp3 files supported? I will not play them, just for physical CD inventory inside roon.

Supported Audio Formats (

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Don’t know if this would help you and is clearly a workaround …but you could add the Qobuz or Tidal version of your LPs and edit the album version tag to be “LP” so that when you see that album in your collection you see you have a LP for it. You could additionally tag it as an LP so that you can find them using a tag search and/or bookmark them for easy display. Would take a bunch of work but might be a workaround for you. Would also have the benefit of allowing you to play the music digitally if you don’t want to queue up the LP…

It would look like this if you edited the version to be LP – you can see the “LP” under the artwork in the lower right:


You should probably start by ripping them using dbPoweramp or something similar.

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