Masters (Tidal) album not visible in ROON

Hi. I can not see all the Masters album in ROON. I found another topic about this since june but it was closed.
It has been like this for a very long time and albums pop in and out again.

Thanks for your help on this matter.

Hi @Kristmann_Einarsson ------ Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us, both are appreciated!

Moving forward, can you please provide me with a brief but accurate description of your current setup as seen here and if possible, can you please give me an example of a TIDAL “master” album you are not seeing in the application?


Version: 1.3 (build 247) stable, 64 bit.
Operating system: Windows 10.
PC info: Lenovo T61 for core. 4 Gb RAM.
Processor: Intel Duo CPU T7500 @ 2,2 GHz.
Music is stored on a 2 TB hard drive directly connected to the PC thru usb.
Library size: Just south of 29000 tracks.

No Fleetwood Mac album except Rumors are visible as a Master. Fleetwood Mac, Tango In The Night are not visible.


Hi @Kristmann_Einarsson ----- Thank you for touching base with me and providing the requested feedback. Both are appreciated.

I just setup a Win10 laptop real quick, to see what I could come up with and found the following when I searched for “Fleetwood Mac”:

Can you provide me with a screenshot of what you are seeing on your end when you search for Fleetwood Mac/ “Tango In The night”.


No problem. Here is a snapshot.

Tango In The Night is not visible directly in the Tidal tab in ROON. I have to find my own album and select “Go to Tidal Version” to get it.

I’m guessing the issue is that you already have a version of this album in your library. You’ll want to add the Masters edition to your library as well, by clicking Add To Library.

On the Artist page, you only see TIDAL albums that are not yet in your library, but note that you can always find anything available on TIDAL by searching.

We are also working on some more long-term changes in this area – ultimately, we want to do a much better job of determining when an album is in your library and also has another edition available on TIDAL.


Ok. But searching in Tidal (thru ROON) is what I did and I did not find this album there (Master version). Only option for me is to find the Masters album I would like to listen to in the Tidal application (not thru ROON) , save it as a playlist and then I can find it and play thru my playlist in ROON. Lots of album that I can not see thru ROON tab in Tidal but are still there. I can find all albums that are Masters but I can not find the Master version of it.

See if setting “Show Hidden Tracks And Albums” to Yes in Settings > General makes any difference.

It is all set to Yes, and has always been. Does not change anything going to No and back to Yes.

Hi. Any news on this issue?

Can you post some screenshots of this? I’m wondering if the issue comes down to differences between how searching works on TIDAL, versus how it works in Roon.

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I can show you what I can see when I open Masters in ROON. 40 albums per dot, 10 dots. Close to 400 Masters albums. Not sure how many masters there are in Tidal. I am guessing well over 400.

Another funny thing. A/B With Kaleo is visible in ROON / Tidal.

But when I open the album it dispalys “This album was not found”. I can not find this album directly thru Tidal as a Master.

Hi @Kristmann_Einarsson ------ Thank you for the follow up and my apologies for the delayed response here.

Moving forward, in regard to the TIDAL “masters page”. This list of albums is generated by TIDAL and is not necessary a complete listing of all the “master” content TIDAL has to offer. Furthermore, to reiterate just a bit. We are looking for “searches” that are not yielding the content you are looking for, as mentioned in Mike’s previous post. It is important to note that you should reference a “search for content” that is not already present in your library.

Lastly, in regard to the mentioned A/B with Kaleo album being listed as “not found” when it is selected. This seems to be a synchronization issue between our Index and TIDAL’s. So in short, what ends up essentially happening is that the album is not in the “TIDAL collection” for the “user’s” country in our Index. This behavior usually sorts itself out after 24-48 hours when the Index updates. We are working on ways to improve upon this in the future.


Alright. Searched for “Folk Singer” in ROON. Do only have that album on Vinyl. No indication of a Master version available.

The file played is normal CD quality.

Finding the same album Thru the Tidal application, select “M” version, save it as a playlist, sync it in ROON and play shows this result.

Full Master quality.

I am fine not finding all Master albums in the Masters tab. But would realy like to be able to identify Master albums when available. Hope this clears thing up a bit. Thanks for all your effort on this matter / Krissi.

There is simply no indication in Roon of which Tidal albums are Masters. It seems you just have to play each one and see.

Example, 1 of these “The Doors” albums on Tidal is a master album, which one, who knows?:

This isn’t the final destination for MQA with Roon. But I can’t tell you when we will get there.

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Try deleting the Tidal version of your Muddy Waters album from your Roon library; exit Roon; open the Tidal desktop app; find the MQA album and make it a favorite; close Tidal; open Roon and you should see the MQA album at the beginning of your “overview” page. Only way to confirm is to play it and check for the MQA label in the Roon source signal path entry.

Is there anywhere else to find all Masters in Tidal (within Roon) apart from the Masters tab/view all?