Melco S100 Switch

In a topic which is now closed, I said that I would borrow one of these switches from my dealer, and a number of people asked me to post the results.
I did that a week ago, and I have to report that I was astonished at the improvement. I had to do a bit of an ‘arm wrestle’ with the dealer to be allowed to to buy it. Apparently there is quite a backlog on order.
About 6 months ago I borrowed Melco’s D100 ripper (€1k) and was sufficiently impressed that I re-ripped about 2,400 CDs.
When I replaced a Netgear GS108 with the S100, I expected to have to do a lot of auditioning to try to identify whether there was any difference, whether or not an improvement.
I couldn’t have been more wrong. Melco has turned ‘the science’ on it’s head here. The result is remarkable. It’s an incredible improvement at the price.
Others will figure out no doubt, in time ,how to do it at a lower price; meantime I would ask the sceptics to have a demo with an open mind.

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Brace yourself :slight_smile:

Quite frankly, I don’t care. I’m only reporting what I have discovered. After all, it’s not that long ago that the world was flat!


I’m just off to get the popcorn…

Make sure to add a large pinch of salt…

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I quite enjoyed the previous thread. Not sure I’ll enjoy this one nearly as much.

You aren’t by any chance a sax player are you?

As someone who sells for a living, I have to tip my hat to your dealer and his old-school approach. I used to work with another salesman that would say: “in Georgia, we call that… sales.”

Did it lift the veil and put more air between the notes? But more importantly, did it make your network work with roon?

At any rate, I’m intrigued by your ideas and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.


If you are in a position to borrow one of these, then you will certainly enjoy this topic much more than the last one.


Nice try, Melco salesman. :smiley:

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Did you use a linear power supply with your GS108? If not, you have a part of the answer « how ».
With an open mind, some may try the « unmodified » Melco switch: the Buffalo BS GS2016. Inside it rely on the same basis, add a really good linear power supply inside instead of the original one, like MPaudio modules and a toroidy audio grade power transformer and the Buffalo results shouldn’t be too far from his highly priced son.

For those who don’t hear anything better with a simple linear power supply used with the last switch before the streamer, well nothing is necessary, the problem is somewhere else :slight_smile:

Regards, Nicolas.

I may not have explained this aspect properly. The ‘loaner’ came from the dealer’s own system. He wanted it back, and for me to wait for a new one, which I obviously would have done. There was no sales ‘technique’ involved.

No, I’m not that DO’H.

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I found the Melco switch had downsides as well as upsides. In particular it made acoustic instruments lose some tonal and textural detail, possibly due to the “lowered noise floor”. I also found the sound stage tended to explode instruments with unnatural separation of piano and even guitar.

In my system, the cheaper EtherRegen is superior in every way. It also yields greater improvements than the Melco with a good linear power supply.


That’s fair enough Mike. There’s always more than one way of skinning the cat and I have heard good things about the EtherRegen, although I haven’t experienced it.
However, there may be some in these parts who would say that you are only imagining the impact on SQ.


Are you taking the piss? I’m not British, but seriously, you’re having a go at us?

Science discovered confirmation bias and the placebo effect a long time ago, but let me guess you’re not susceptible to this?



Amazing what some people will perceive believe, isn’t it?


If you can be bothered to read the original thread (I might politely suggest you will have wasted half an hour of your life you’ll never get back if you do though) you will see that some people, the OP included, still believe the hype despite empirical evidence to the contrary.

Ah well, keeps someone in a job I suppose and people are free to spend their money how they wish…


Yesterday I saw that Roon didn’t update the album art and artist picture of the now playing screen while Roon was playing radio. Turned out that the switch lost power (another ifi ipower gone up in smoke). Roon kept on playing three songs so they where allready in the buffer. After repowering the switch I started a song from Tidal and pulled the ethernet cable 1 sec after the song started, it kept playing to the end. With the next song I randomly plugged and unplugged the ethernet cable in order to hear a difference, there wasn’t. In the past I have tried a different switch, different cables from cheapskate cat5e to Audioquest Cat700, a network isolator, a cable to fiber converter, several different power supplies, all made no difference at all, absolutely none. I also tried Wifi, sounds exactly the same. Now I’m willing to believe that the Melco switch is of higher quality than all the gear I have tested but shouldn’t I at least hear any tiny little difference or are they all exactly equally bad? That could be so I’m even willing to try a Melco Switch or any other but I am never ever, not in my life, going to buy stuff like this without the promise of a total refund if it doesn’t live up to the promise.

When I returned the Audioquest cable I tried and told the dealer I could not hear a difference between my cheapskate cat5e and the Audioquest Cat cable he told me “offcoarse not, you need to spend at least 250 to 300 dollar on a cable before it starts making a difference, but then you’ll never want to live without them anymore” On my question why he was still selling so many cables of just under 250 euro’s then, he just stumbled for an answer. To me it’s just another myth debunked by extensivly trying it myself.