Merged albums not propagating to remotes

I am relatively new to Roon - love it - and have had fun figuring things out but have one (hopefully a setting I missed) I can’t seem to cure or find in posts.
When I merge albums on Roon remote ( running on same machine as Roon Server) the merge doesn’ t show up on my iPad or other desktop remote.
Obviously I don’t want to do on each & im sure since same Db it should propagate but doesn’t. What am I doing wrong?

Hi @Jim_Serenbetz ----- Thank you for the report and the follow up over PM. Both are appreciated! To help aide in my evaluation of this issue you are reporting, may I kindly ask you to please provide me with the following:

  1. A brief but accurate description of your current setup as seen here.

  2. In regard to this behavior, do the remotes never sync with the changes being made or do they after awhile?

  3. Does power cycling the device hosting Roon Server help yield a change in behavior or is the experience the same?


Hi Eric,
Running most recent version of Roon server & remotes 1.3 I think (e.g. has Sonos support)
Roon Server running on a dedicated i5 2.7Ghz Lenovo laptop w 8GB Ram & 256SSD.
Remotes are Asus i7 1.7 Ghz desktop 12Gb Ram and 64GB iPad2 & IOS 10.2
Desktop updates Merged albums merged on Server machine but not on iPad.
Power cycling server or iPad doesn’t help syncing w iPad.

Hi @Jim_Serenbetz ----- Thank you for touching base and taking the time to provide the requested feedback. Both are very appreciated.

Just to make sure I am conceptualizing this issue correctly, based on the information you have provided, both the Lenovo (RoonServer + remote) and Asus (Roon remote) devices are updating as they should and the iPad2 is still having the issues, correct?

Have you tried reinstalling the remote application on the iPad yet?


Actually no - I didn’t think to do that - I will try it