Merging NADAC when will it be determined Roon Ready

Any idea of when the Merging NADAC will be determined “Roon Ready” or not. It has been “Soon Ready” for some time.

You will have to ping them about it. We want that as much as you do! I want the headphones volume control exposed in Roon.

There’s no need for it to be Roon Ready to use it with Roon. You just need the Ravenna VSC installed on the server you’re using and you’re in business. Either that or upgrade to the unit with Roon core built in.

There are many reasons for it to be Roon Ready – the big one being multi-zone syncing capable with other Roon Ready endpoints.

If you have a NADAC connected to your Roon Core, can’t you also have other RAAT ready endpoints running on the same network as well? I have a client with a NADAC and he uses it in 1 zone then switches to my Superstream streamer in 2 other zones, then to his PS Audio Directstream via the bridge in another zone seamlessly.

Switching, yes. Grouping, no. (Well, sort of).

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You mean if you want both zones simultaneously playing the same music at the same time? I haven’t asked if he tried that. Since he’s only in 1 zone at a time I don’t think that’s ever been an issue for him. If he goes to another room he just transfers zones. Or playing something different in the other zone simultaneously works fine as well.

Yeah, I believe that’s what Danny’s referring to. Using two RAAT devices is rock-solid reliable sync, using a virtual driver type thing may be possible to group and sync, but the sync can be hit and miss. I’m doing this with Devialet’s AIR driver (through CoreAudio on the mac) and an RAAT device and it’s not ideal. I’ve just bought another RAAT streamer as a temporary workaround.

With multiple NADAC’s you can sync 100’s together within 2 nanoseconds of clock sync using Roon as a player and their Aneman software:

Let’s not change the topic here.

@hifi_swlon is correct, in that it is exactly what I’m talking about.

The OP’s question is about NADAC + Roon Ready certification. He probably has a NADAC and thus knows the pluses of Ravenna and the syncing stuff there, but he still wants to know Roon Ready status.

All the Ravenna in the world won’t let me sync a WiFi RR device to a NADACPLAYER.

Be careful to not hijack the thread with what appears to be an agenda (but probably is not).


No agenda here. Just trying to get clarity on a real world situation where the Roon Ready status would be beneficial.

  1. zone linking with other Roon Ready devices
  2. wifi support
  3. signal path goes deeper into the device on many roon ready devices
  4. no mac/pc needed
  5. some devices have buttons or remotes that can trigger actions send signals back to Roon for things like transport
  6. convenience switching
  7. standby support
  8. future Roon exclusive enhancements :slight_smile:

The first one above, is huge for me… For example, I have a Meridian DSP7200 speakers setup, and I used to use a MS200 streamer to talk to them via Roon (Roon supports the Meridian streaming protocol).

However, because the Meridian stuff is not Roon Ready, I can’t sync it with another Roon Ready endpoint. Dropping the MS200 kills my control of the Meridian volume/standby stuff, so the loss in functionality is not an option.

So my solution is to use RoonBridge + spdif to get audio to the speakers, and a Roon Extension speaking via RS232 to do the control stuff above. It solves it nicely for me (well, as nicely as the 9600baud RS232 protocol allows), with no quality loss, and I can do it on a Raspberry Pi w/ one of the many digital output HATs.

It’s very important to me that I be able to sync up 2 floors in my condo during parties.

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Thanks for the clarity. However Merging has a Linux driver as well. Not limited to PC/Mac. Is Merging planning on putting a Wifi unit in the NADAC to take advantage of the Wifi?

Sorry, when I said PC/Mac, I was clumping the relatively small number of Linux PCs into that. For example, Android Roon Client is running RAAT. As are a number of embedded devices that don’t let users install random drivers.

No idea, but that won’t matter since the Ravenna driver (at least on MacOS) won’t stream on WiFi.

If the NADAC becomes Roon Ready, then the only way the Wifi ability would be beneficial is if the NADAC had wifi antennas built in.

Can RAAT do multichannel now? It would be cool to send 8 channels to an 8 channel NADAC in DSD 256 via wifi for active speakers.

not quite… right now, my NADACPLAYER is connected via ethernet, but my Mac running the Roon Core is via WiFi (i’m a weird setup, because I have so many Cores for development/testing).

I can’t use Ravenna in that setup, but I can use RAAT.

Yes. We added that support on a schedule set explicitly for Merging’s release of NADACPLAYER :slight_smile:

I am neither a multichannel audio user nor am I so trusting of WiFi for that type of bandwidth :slight_smile:

Great interview with Chris C and Dom from Merging on Ravenna:

It’s a shame the Ravenna thread got closed. Too bad the system is setup so all the trolls need to do is break the rules of the forum and eventually they get their way. At least the thread was sanitized of their negativity so newcomers don’t know what the problem was in the first place through.

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I think the OP’s question has been answered in that interview. Unless one was to upgrade to the NADAC player, they’re gonna need to wait till the Zman replaces the Ethertube in the NADAC for the Roonready feature to be implemented. The Ethertube doesn’t have the capabilities to run RAAT.

Similar situation with MSB. The Blackfin DSP engine in their current Ethernet renderer can’t run RAAT.

Just a question on the Merging NADAC, on their press release, in particular:

**“Of great interest will be the ROCK (Roon Optimized Core Kit) which will be running on a standard Intel NUC. ROCK is the software that Roon will make available to end users who want to build a DIY Roon device using an Intel NUC. This software is based on Roon OS, which is the current software Roon provides to partners (like Merging) who manufacture embedded Roon-based products. These products will be displayed directly connected to MERGING+NADAC via RAVENNA and all will commence shipping in the coming months.”**

When they say ROCK will be directly connected to a MERGING+NADAC, this means via an ethernet cable but still over a network (via router) right?

They don’t literally mean a direct physical ethernet connection that bypasses the router, do they? ROCK only has 1 ethernet port, no?


Correct, but note that I’ve not finished the Ravenna in ROCK work yet.