Merry Christmas - Anything Hifi planned for next year?

Love it!


Just had a read on their website. Hmm… I’m intrigued! Out of my budget, but I’d like it.

To be entirely honest it’s out of my budget. It’s not something I can just buy and will require plenty saving.

Hopefully will all be worth it in the end.

Bob, how does the Sonic Transporter i5 compare to a Mac?

The comparison is a bit hard to do because I had the Mac Mini connected directly to the DAC and with the Sonic Transporter I have the microrendu there.

The whole system now has more dynamics and much larger sound stage. There is more bass and much more detail in the uppper registers.

I am set up testing with three different Roon Core devices. I have been running with an i7 NUC/ROCK for the last couple of weeks and yesterday I switched back to the Sonic Transporter i5. I will be listening to it for at least a week! In my initial listening last night and a bit today. The ST sounds less forward and the staging is different. I have a couple of tracks that have more detail. As an example on the Loreena Mckennitt album “The Mummers Dance”. The track of that name has a triangle in the left channel that is off in the background and on the NUC/ROCK I could not hear it. When I moved to the ST it just jumped out and hit me. On the album “Elemental” the track Lullaby the male voice speaking the track is much more distinct and I would say realistic.

The NUC/ROCK seems to have some brashness or something on some female volcals that sort of grates on my ears. The Sonic Transporter seems to drop that down a lot.

I have to listen to a lot more music to finish this. I have some other gear on order to evaluate!

The Mac Mini is in the same computer rack as the other devices so I can do a Roon Core on it again and try it. Time and need permitting.

Above my budget for a 4k Aries G2 streamer but certainly looks stylish and well built; I believe all playback and settings functionalities together with the LCD screen can be controlled via the unit itself without the use of LDS software. This is pretty cool, like a fully functional standalone Hi-Fi streamer. If use it as an endpoint it is pretty a waste.

I’m using Aries Mini as an endpoint or as a streamer switchable and with Roon up-sampling feature to my Holo Spring R2R DAC. What I looking forward is MQA decoding in Roon and new streaming service provider, Deezer Hi-Fi.

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Guess you Techy folks don’t want to hear about my new conrad-johnson ART tube amplifier now on order. It will play from their GAT tube preamp and power Wilson Yvette speakers. Be nice to vacuum tubes, they sound the best!

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Amen to that! :smile:

At least no one has asked… “What is a vacuum tube”.

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Haha! Love this comment.

Doge 8 preamp and Manley Snappers here. Tubes rock.

Indeed. Tubes sound much more natural to me :+1:
Therefore my DAC (Lampizator Golden Gate) also uses tubes :sunglasses:

Jadis i35 here :sunglasses:

I would be very interested who has what tube gear but we should start a new thread for that as it is off topic in this thread unless you intend to get tube gear…

I just started such a thread: Any tube heads here?

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I just bought a new Naim HiCap and Chord Company Signature Reference speaker cable. At the end of January I’m going to by Neat Accoustic SX5-i speakers and at the end of March I will be the proud owner of a Naim NDX network player. So enough to be happy about to spend my earnings😬.

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Bet that will cost a pretty penny.

Yes it wil cost but it’s for a good cause🤓

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Built my first amp with tubes when I was at school … wow I must be OLD …

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Unless that was yesterday…

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So how did it go? I’m eager to hear.

Any pictures to share?