Metadata Improver Error: SonicTransporter - Have to reboot

I think Timothy is right. Every time my network crash I have to restart Roon server to fixed the problem. I do not have to restart the core, just server. It not too bad to fix the problem for someone not have a lot of files. I have over 100000 flac and dsd files, take about 35 minutes.

I have over 270K files and takes only a few mins to restart things…what spec core are you using?

Re scan all the files. SonicTransporter i7, Crucial 8GB ram, Samsung 250GB SSD

Hi @Khang_Nguyen1,

I’ve split your post into it’s own thread. Is the behavior the same with the latest Roon release (which was published today)? Is there any change in behavior if you reboot just RoonServer from the Web interface?

Hi Noris.
Yes I did.I have nothing to connect to my router, just Roon end point, all Ethernet. My core Ethernet to access point.
1 Try to re scan library. No still there
2 Try to restart Sonic. No still there(Sonic re scan library again)
3 Try to turn off and turn back on after 30 minutes. No still there
(Sonic re scan library again)
4 Try to start Roon server(Sonic re scan library again) IT GONE.
So now sometime when my internet is down less then 4 minutes nothing happen, everything connected, if more then 5 minutes Roon still see my end point but no music I can play. Click every album, every song nothing happened. Now I try Roon server first, it work every time I restart Roon server. But I wish Roon dont have to re scan library every time I have to restart Roon. Like some time you want your computer going to sleep or when you be away for long. Sorry I just want to let your team know everything I do step by step. Thanks

Hi @Khang_Nguyen1,

Glad to hear that restarting the Roon Server resolved this aspect!

I’m not quite sure I understand here, what do you mean by internet down less than 4 minutes? Does this happen when your router looses power? Or your ISP is unreliable and the connection to the internet is severed? Why is the internet dropping for such an extended amount of time?

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