Missing Album Artwork (since the use of Windscribe VPN)

Hello roon community - This is my first request for help / post, please be gentle!!

Has anyone experienced a similar issue with their roon desktop interface; since installing Windscribe VPN software, the album artwork (for both Tidal and PC library) has disappeared?

I created a split tunnel to exclude roon.exe from the VPN and this solved the initial issue of not finding my roon ready NAD M10 V2 on the network (where incidentally the artwork is displayed!! ). So initial playback issues I have resolved, but the missing artwork is a mystery.

I have checked current roon software version and that is current @ 2.0 (build 1169). My roon core is an HP OMEN PC,16.0 GB (15.9 GB usable),Intel(R) Core™ i5-9400F CPU @ 2.90GHz.

What am I missing? What haven’t I checked or amended?

Any help / guidance would be greatly appreciated!!

If you turn off the VPN does everything work?

Yes, it does. And obviously worked fine before the new VPN - It’s just confusing why I would only lose the artwork content and not overall connection. Doesn’t really make sense - All other functions are working fine and connected to my home network - I can obviously live without the artwork, but that’s not the point really…
The easy answer is; don’t use the VPN…granted. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced something similar…thanks again.

Don’t know if this relevant but mentions other .exe to add to rules

I have quite a detailed post on this issue (which is a continuation from the one linked by ged above), however considering the absolute zero response in three weeks now, I am assuming this is something Roon has not even thought about, has definitely not tested, and considering the response on my earlier post, does not understand. Quite disappointing for a premium product using a less than unusual network setup.

I would appreciate a comment on the linked post to keep it alive and to show this is a more common issue.