Missing many albums

I’m missing quite a few of my albums in Roon that show up just fine in iTunes, JRiver, Audirvana+, etc.

I currently have 5,108 albums / 81,094 tracks stored in my \iTunes\Music directory (external Firewire drive). Only 5,034 / 79,484 of them show up in Roon.

First, is there some way of determining quickly and easily exactly the differences between the two? i.e., a comparison feature between iTunes and Roon? Or a library export feature that outputs to a flat file so I can do it myself?

Second, is there a way (log?) to view which files were not imported, and for what reason? I’d certainly like all my albums to show up - I’ve already almost bought an album a second time because it didn’t show up at all in Roon!

I would focus on tracks rather than album numbers as Roon counts multi CD sets as one album, whilst other applications typically count each CD.

If you got to the view tracks page and then select all track (Ctrl/Cmd A) you can then export to XLSX format by pressing the grey + button.

Update: 1,026 files stored in \iTunes\Music do not appear in Roon.

The only thing in common I can find is that all of the paths of files missing from Roon are more than 255 characters - generally Classical tracks with long work / piece names embedded in the file name.

Now, there are also 996 tracks with paths longer than 255 characters that were present in Roon, but I think it’s beyond coincidence that every single track missing had a path longer than 255 characters, so I suspect there’s some sort of bug in the import process that stumbles on some tracks (not all) when the path is longer than 255 characters.

Please let me know if you’d like to see the list of tracks not imported for analysis.

Hey @jhwalker – sorry for the trouble, and thanks for doing some investigative work on this.

Can you let me know whether you’re using our iTunes watching, or if you’re just watching a folder? A screenshot of the Storage tab in Settings would help.

I’m sure we can figure this out, so thanks in advance for your patience!

I’m using watched folders: \iTunes\Music, \iTunes2\DSD, \iTunes2\Vinyl, \iTunes2\Multichannel (though no multichannel files have imported yet :confused:

Here’s a screenshot of my settings:

It’s weird, though - every couple of days, a whole other batch of albums / tracks appears in the interface that weren’t recognized before. For example, between yesterday and today, 36 “new” albums appeared in my collection - how do we know when Roon is “finished” building the library? Odd it keeps pulling up new albums this late after the initial scan.

I am having very odd problems as well. The behavior you describe and now albums are missing tracks that were once complete. It is about to be unusable if this doesn’t get fixed.

Hey @jhwalker – I agree that doesn’t sound right.

I’d like to get some more information, so I’m going to send you a PM with instructions for getting us logs. That should give us enough to look into this further so stand by.

Talk to you soon!

I also have many albums that are clearly on my music server (W4S) but not not showing up in Roon. When I rescan, it looks like it counts all the way up to the right amount, but then just goes back to the original number that it had before the re-scan. I’m still in the trial period. Is there a limitation on how many albums you can download to the library during the trial period?

Hi Ken,

The current 32bit version of Roon is good up to about 300,000 tracks beyond that it’s starts to get marginal.

How many tracks do you have and how many are missing? Is there any pattern to the missing ones?


Thanks very much for the prompt response.

The number of tracks we’re talking about here is around 11,000, so nowhere close to your limitations. I am a Tidal subscriber and so I have really enjoyed seeing Roon interleave the Tidal albums with my music server files. It took me a few days to realize a lot (maybe about 2,000 tracks) from my music server were missing. I haven’t noticed any particular pattern, but the ones I’ve noticed missing are CDs I fed to my WyredForSound Music Server and were converted to FLAC files (85% of these WERE successfully loaded by Roon—When I “Force Rescan” to the Flac Folder it goes up to over 11,000 but then settles back on the original number 9329)). I have some high-resolution files I’ve downloaded from various sources but they seem to all be there. It’s the plain vanilla 16bit/44kHz CD files that seem to be missing. I first noticed it on Joni Mitchell albums. Roon has two of the 8 or so CD albums that I have converted on my music server. JRiver and Pono don’t seem to have a problem finding and downloading these files into the Library, so I’m not sure what the problem is with Roon doing so.

Thanks for your help.

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Hey @Ken – sorry for the trouble here. I’d like to get a look at a file or two that aren’t import successfully, so I’m going to send you a PM with some details about how to upload the media to us.


The albums I thought were missing showed up, so I’m trying to figure out what’s actually missing, if anything, and send that information to you. (There is definitely a discrepancy of about 2,000 songs in the number count between what I think I have and what you loaded, but not sure which now).

Does this happen even with “Show Hidden Tracks” set to Yes in Settings?

I have quite a similar problem. I discovered (more or less by accident) that a lot of albums from my watched folder are missing in roon. We’re talking about ~2000 tracks here.
I managed to manually track down some of them, but is there a way to get roon to recognise the entire contents of my watched folder? (force rescan didn’t help)

Never mind, I solved it by deleting the database and starting from scratch. After roon finished scanning, i noticed that even ~6000 tracks were missing. I wasn’t even aware that I had that much music… :wink:

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I just installed Roon for the first time and have the same problem. Roon is picking up some albums and not others. I’m not using an iTunes DB, just straight files on a folder. The OS is Server2008 and they’re all FLAC files.

Here’s what I’ve tried:
Settings-> Storage -> selecting the gear icon for the folder to watch and forcing a rescan == No change, serveral thousand tracks still missing.
Settings-> Storage -> deleting the folder and then re-adding in to scan it again = no luck
Settings -> Storage -> deleting all folders, then Settings-> Setup -> Clean Up Library -> Re-add the folder to monitor = Same Result

In the end, I’m missing over 13,000 files (I searched for all .flac files in explorer and subtracted that number from what Roon is telling me I have. What’s the deal here?

So a complete uninstall and deleting all Windows’ unnecessary files via “Disc Cleanup” worked for the majority of my files. This all started because I couldn’t find New Order’s “Complete Music”, only “Music Complete” showed up. For this one album, it turns out I had to enable “Show Hidden Albums” in order to see “Complete Music”! I guess Roon’s “logic” is that they are the same album, despite them being different. I wonder how much else gets hidden?

There’s a global setting somewhere to show all hidden albums. I have that set to on, so I see everything.

This functionality is documented here – you can break up sets one by one, or disable the feature completely in Settings.