Moby on Roon? WTF?

Monday blues? :smiley:
My Moby page looks the same, but for the addition of my “Little Idiot”-album (which incidentally is unidentified!) So, under Moby, 5 of my 12-14 albums are displayed.

No issues with Moby at my end. All 26 of my ripped CDs appear as expected.

Same experience with MOBY - see my post

In the meantime (after 1.6) I can see 25 main-TIDAL albums (and all my local Moby albums).
Strange, after that I thought the problem is solved (for me).

Since my last post 2 of my Moby albums have disappeared from the search result for Moby as artist…

Ok so that’s about 3 days… So should you lose 20 in a month?

Moby is the only artist this happens with? Seems weird.

Cool collection you have though! I haven’t listened in a few years, what are some of your non-obvious favorites (on Tidal please)…?

I would think it is not the only artist, but it’s the one I have noticed and been frustrated about.

As for recommendations, well there’s a lot but here are a few:
Wait For Me
Play B Sides

JTLF-1 + JLTF (I recently found out what JLTF means: Junkies Like To F*ck)
Flying Foxes
Memory Gospel

Moby is actually quite varied, not a single style. Play is great but not my favorite.

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Any progress here?

I am most familiar with Play and Hotel…

My current favourites are the most recent albums Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt (3 albums) and the Suara Remixes.

Very different from his electronica/synth time.

I have the same with Moby, and something similar with Sophia.

15 albums, 3 artists. Clicking on the Artist leads always to same (1) Album and (1) Single.

@dylan any updates on this please?

Hi @miguelito,

The technical team investigated and replicated this behavior, which is a critical step here. They have since filed a ticket with our development team. I can’t provide any specific timeframes on when a change will be implemented, but we will be sure to keep you updated here as new information is available.

Thanks for your patience while we’ve looked into this!


Thank you!

Excellent. I have similar issues with searches with many artists. Hopefully they will find the problem with Moby and it will solve a bunch of issues.

Thank you Miguel for drawing attention to this meta-data search issue!

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It is rather bizarre… I just went to Moby (artist) on my ipad, saw 59 albums, which looked about right (if I add the ones I have on streaming only). Then I went to my mac - same search - and now almost nothing. And back to my iPad now, and the same as on my mac - almost nothing. I am really puzzled.

In between the first successful display with 59 albums and the other two I added a Moby album to my local library (Suara Remixes). Maybe this is why it got screwed up?

I am glad they could reproduce the problem (I sent support my library backup). Hopefully this gets fixed.

Hi everyone,

We’ve made a change here in Roon 1.6 (Build 416) that we believe should address this behavior. Please update Roon and let us know if you’re still seeing any issues. You can read the full release notes here:

I updated this morning and that was the VERY FIRST THING I looked at. It does look like it’s been resolved. Thank you very much!

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YES! Also Sophia & New Order are displaying well! Awesome.