Mono and stereo albums show as "duplicates"

I’ve got a number of artists where I have both mono and stereo versions of their albums: Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, the Beatles, etc. Roon shows some of these as duplicates. Yet not all of them shows as dupes; Blonde on Blonde doesn’t, for example. What’s the logic here? How are the tracks determined to be duplicates?

Hey Kirk, there’s some great information and discussion on duplicates in this thread, check it out!

indicated thread in last message returns “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”. Is the thread lost?


David - Dallas

Thread doesn’t work for me either.

Looks like a link to a non-public directory on the board.

Let’s drop a flag for @kevin and @mike and see if they can update the info here.

That thread was from our pre-release Beta discussion category. Looks pretty uncontroversial, so I’ve moved it over to the Software section.

Just keep in mind that in the intervening 8 months, this feature has evolved from basic “duplicate detection” to a robust flexible way to manage multiple editions and releases of an album in your library.

That said, the starting point for our automatic detection is still unchanged:

And now you’ve got me wondering if @ComputerAudiophile has come around on this one? :wink: