More Beta Testers needed?

Let me just say I love using Roon and can’t imagine a world without it​:+1::sunglasses:

My question: Does Roon need a bigger sample size of beta testers before releasing a software update?

Seems like a lot of users had a bad experience with the update

Aren’t we all already?


Roon are looking into it to see what they can do better next time no doubt more beta testers is on the list but according to this they already had 100s. How many do you think they need to capture every possible computer configuration out there from 250000 users?

Plus who is volunteering for even more problems than those experienced in the release version? You can’t be a beat tester and complain when you have problems and no music for periods of time. Unless that is you can rollback all your Roon devices or have a second core and separate remote devices of exactly the same configuration I( you keep a different configuration out of the beta testing and unless someone else has that exact configuration then all your beta testing may be wasted.

Agreed Roon needs to do better but beyond the rather obvious suggestion of more beta testers do you have any other things they could do?

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Restrict the supported platforms to something manageable (exclude win7 etc), perform more structured test & release and then move slower with app development to make improvements achievable rather than marketable.

Well it’s a suggestion but not very viable, how many 10s of thousands do think that would impact vs the few hundred impacted by this initial release here?

Why isn’t it viable, do Microsoft still support win7 or XP etc.

Testing and writing code for multiple platforms (OS) is a nightmare, especially when you don’t know if they are running non updated dependencies etc.