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Updated my QNAP to the latest firmware last night. Rebooted. This morning Roon demands I enter my user name and password and then gets permanently stuck logging in.

Genuinely curious - what prompted to update to latest QNAP OS? Was it automatic, bug fix, just because?

Was going to update mine last week, but had no real reason other than it was last fall since last update. Anytime an update like these are performed - whether Windows, Linux, NAS, router, switch, ROON etc…its always a bit nerve racking as it may fix something or break something else.

Have you power cycled everything in the chain? That’s the first thing I would start with

I update to get the latest security fixes. QNAP has had some issues in that area, as you may be aware. ROON is the only app on the server with issues.

I’m just coming up from rebooting the server to see if that helps. Stop starting the Roon core was no help.

OK - “working” now.

I rebooted the QNAP. ROON once again demanded I log in. This time, instead of spending 15 minutes moving its little logo with no joy it asked me to de-authorize the QNAP, after which it connected and is now working.

Can someone please look into this de-authorize / re-authorize behavior? It’s becoming a regular problem. Glad to send logs if that’s a help.

I believe there have been sev threads / questions as it relates to certificates (creating authorize behavior)? I may be wrong though. Perform a search on that subject.

I have yet to see any of the aforementioned behavior in my rig. My setup may be a bit different (see my profile).

Check this topic out …

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Hello @William_Coney, and thanks for your report! It looks like the community got you to the right thread. If this issue returns after a reboot, please let me know and we can take a closer look. Thanks!

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