More releases versions from MusicBrainz (that are not in Roon)

Hi there,

This discussion started here - and another aspect of it is here

From where I stand, there has been a lot of time/research spent on the various editions of Charles Mingus releases specifically. For example, all of the releases listed in have been confirmed (and I do own a good number of them).

I can understand why Roon would “ignore” or “cleanup” poor quality “release events” in the MusicBrainz dataset, and what appears to be duplicate events, but then the criteria to do so seems a bit aggressive.

For my personal use, I ended-up ignoring the Roon metadata entirely (“prefer file”), and tag my stuff outside of Roon, from the MB dataset, the only reasonable way at this point to deal with several different versions of a single album.

I would love to use the Roon service instead of course (one less step):

  • specifically, if the files are already tagged with a Musicbrainz Album ID, would it be possible to use the corresponding MB info?
  • also curious about what is the algorithm / filter / logic to decide which release version is worth importing and which is not from MB

Thanks for Roon!