More Tags and Focus confusion... Tag AND or OR? Albums, Tracks?

Ok, so last night and early this morning I thought to myself, let’s give the new Tag+Focus feature (with Focus being AND now), a road test.

I merrily started tagging my “good” albums as Rock, Classic, Art, Progressive, Country, Jazz, Guitar, Blues, and so on, thinking this could be really nice for combining tags using AND.

Now… testing out after tagging about 100 albums to my taste, it seems Tags are now AND for album sorting and OR for tracks.

Is this correct? Am I doing something wrong? Is there a setting I am missing?

Needless to say, if this is the programmed logic for each and I’m not missing something, then the Tag and Focus feature is not quite right yet. It makes extensive use of tagging with focus pointless until this is fixed; whether you are an advocate of AND or OR.

Note; I have tested this out using Track tagging and Album tagging. Both exhibit the same anomaly.

I have also tried to focus on albums and then pull out the hearted tracks from those albums but can’t seem to do that even if I make a playlist.

Here’s a couple of snaps to illustrate the main problem of AND and OR in albums and tracks views…

Tags… British + Blues for focusing albums gives AND correctly…

And here British+Blues gives me OR , as it includes Allmans (and all others) which is Tagged Blues but not British…


If I understand the logic correctly, tagging your albums does not mean that the tracks on those tagged albums inherit the same tag. Albums and Tracks are 2 separate ‘levels’ you can apply tags to.

Interpreting your screenshots, I would say that The Allman Brothers’ tracks have not been tagged as you have done with the albums.

Understood, and I also thought about that, hence my comment here…

“Note; I have tested this out using Track tagging and Album tagging. Both exhibit the same anomaly.”

IE… All Tags for tracks display OR functionality in tracks view and all Tags for albums display AND functionality in album view.

It’s not right that there should be one rule for tracks and one rule for albums, or is it? Point is…is it intentional or a bug or am i missing a setting somewhere?

Yes, they do.
Anyway, the issue of and/or in focus is being addressed by Roon, see

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I wouldn’t spend too much effort on the “as is” as roon have said they are going to redo focus and tags. Don’t waste too much time! :blush:

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Ah , ok @BrianW and @ged_hickman1 , i think Ill back off extensive tagging until this is redressed. I thought we were entering the status quo as Roon had fiddled with Tags in the latest corrective update. Cheers!

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