More than one zone for an end point

Is it possible to set up two zones for the same end point? I have a DAC/Headphone Amp connected to an end point which I use with multiple sets of headphones. One of those pairs of headphones are Audeze which I use with the Audeze DSP. Instead of disabling the DSP when I use a different set of cans could I set up another zone for the same endpoint with no DSP applied? How would I do that?

Currently, I don’t believe this is possible.

You might want to add your use case onto this Feature Request to add weight to the argument:

You can define 2 different DSP Presets and switch between presets.
But it wil come down to the same thing as switching the DSP engine on or off.

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I’d also like to see this as a feature. Current use case:
Roon to Roon Ready MSB DAC (the single endpoint).
MSB feeds into Pass HPA-1 Headphone amp/Preamp.
HPA-1 feeds Pass amps to speakers. I use the Roon volume control to control device volume on the MSB DAC. This zone also uses a convolution filter for DSP.
HPA-1 also feeds headphones. In this case I use the HPA-1 volume control (so zone volume control would be fixed) and I don’t want the convolution filter.

It is a lot of monkeying around to switch between these two use cases just because I can’t set up the MSB DAC with two different profiles.

Scott. How do you like the HPA-1 on the headphone side? Currently I have a WA5

I’m my main room I have XP-20 into XA-100.8’s.

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I’ll tell you Thursday!
Right now I feed the MSB DAC direct into XA100.5s. The MSB volume control was so close to the Pass X-1 I had I just took it out of the system.
The HPA-1 will be here Wednesday, and the Dan Clark Audio Ether2s will be here Thursday.
Clearly love the ‘Pass sound’ (previously owned Aleph 2’s).
This new setup will be an ideal solution for 'phones and speakers, but it will be a hassle switching the zone setups everytime.

Cool. I have quite a few headphones but mainly use Audeze LCD-4. Would live to her your impression in the Ethers. I’ve never heard them.

I have both Ether 2 and - a recent purchase - LCD-4. I listen to mostly 24-bit FLAC tracks from Nucleus+ with onboard storage through Schiit Yggdrasil and Ragnarok 2. Ether 2 via balanced output, LCD-4 via single-ended 1/4in.

Impressions as follows now that (I believe) the LCD-4 is run-in.

Comfort - Ether 2 wins hands down, though I do find the ear cup clamp a little loose. But Ether 2 is so light, it vanishes. LCD-4 is so heavy, you can never forget you’re wearing it and you need to keep your head still during listening sessions which for a head-nodder like myself, is a tad irritating. That said, the thick lambskin pads are lovely.

Build quality: LCD-4 is a work of art. I have never seen any item of household equipment finished with such stunning workmanship and attention to detail. Simply gorgeous. Ether 2 are plain black and perfectly fine, but they suffer in comparison.

Sound quality: I’m glad I have both. Ether 2 are fast and agile and urgent and energetic. For midrange-focused pop and soft rock tracks, they make you want to get up and dance. You can play them at ridiculous volumes and they don’t hurt you. They are insightful and revealing of detail. Bass is there, but it doesn’t hit you hard. It’s well defined like a good stand mount speaker but it doesn’t make the room shake. Treble is sweet and mids are clear and detailed. Ideal track - Def Leppard’s Hysteria. LCD-4 are thick and full and warm and solid by comparison. Bass shakes the room inside your head. They can funk it up too, with jazz and soul. They don’t lack detail in the mids and upper ranges at all, but they don’t reveal as much unexpected detail. This is a rich, grown-up sound that you can listen to for hour after hour (neck muscles permitting). And it’s getting better and better as they wear in. I’d like to try them with a balanced output which might open up the detail retrieval s bit. Ideal track: Ben Harper’s Excuse Me Mr.

In conclusion, having spend £4K on the LCD-4s I was expecting to run them in and then ditch the Ether 2, but I’m not going to do that. I’m beginning to understand why some of you guys and girls keep multiple sets of headphones and I’m going to keep and listen to both of mine.

Question: is my hypothesis about a balanced cable/output opening up some of the detail retrieval of the LCD-4 likely to be correct? Anyone have experienced of this?

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I’m also in need of this feature. I have an Intel NUC with Roon ROCK, streaming through an Allo USBridge Signature Player, finally flowing into my Accuphase Integrated amplifier with the Accuphase DAC-50 internal expansion board. I sometimes listen to my speakers, and others times to my headphones through the built in headphone amplifier on the Accuphase integrated. The headphones require very different settings in DSP than the speakers. I would love to set up two profiles or zones to easily choose between the speakers or the headphones.