Motu 828x mute with Roon

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini 2.8Ghz Dual Core Intel Core i5
8GB 1600Mhz DDR3
Mac Os Monterey

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Internet Moden direct to a Luxul Gigabit Switch / Ethernet cable direct from switch

Connected Audio Devices

Motu 828x / USB from MAc Mini direct to Motu

Number of Tracks in Library

680 tacks /Tidal is used almost all time

Description of Issue

Roon recognize the Motu , but there is no sound
Motu is working fine with Spotify / Tidal / Youtube / VLC playing from computer

Did you enable the Motu in settings:audio?
Can you post a screenshot of it’s device settings from settings:audio.

Yes, the Motu is enable




Roon is playing is Mac Mini

And what is the output from the Motu?
What do you have it connected to?

Have you tried it in Exclusive Mode?

Toslink direct to the Receiver.
But Motu is workinf fine with all others audio fonts from the computer.

Sorry, I’m new in Roon, I dont know what is Exclusive Mode

See the device setup shot you shared above, toggle the exclusive mode to on and try again, you may need to restart but give it a try

didn’t work…

I changed, restart the computer, and still with no sound.
I’m already tried to change volume controls, all them are the same result…

I’m afraid that I’m all out of ideas then.
Not familiar with that Motu which is really a piece of pro audio gear.
Settings look ok.
Hopefully someone else may have more ideas?

One last thought.
Have you tried device volume as opposed to fixed volume in device setup?

Roon is usually just using the first 8 channels. So do you hear sound when you connect something compatible to the analog 1-2 channel outputs?

Note: Roon is not a mixer software. You may need something like a software that provides a virtual sound card (compatible/seen by Roon) and properly setup with/for your Motu multi-channel audio interface to be able to use it as you wish to. You can also find older threads about that on the forum: Search results for 'multi channel interface' - Roon Labs Community

Yes, I tried all volume options…

Wow, it worked. I have a pair of active Dynaudio conected on the analog output frmo Motu, working as a monitor to the MAC, and it is playing…
So, it no will be possible to use the Toslink output on Motu? Because the toslink is conected with the receiver that play the speakers on my projector system.

I’m not a Mac guy nor do I own Motu devices. If you can’t find a solution in one of the existing threads or come up with one of your own you’re probably lost.

Thanks for the support, Lets see if someone elese can help me, maybe the Roon suport.

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