MQA CD rips, Roon not recognising it’s MQA [Ticket In]

Very new to Roon here.

On the Album list, some of my ripped MQA CDs flac are recognised as MQA. But during replay, it becomes plain old 16/44.1 pcm. Any idea pls?

Every single ripped flac have been through MQA tag restorer. So on dCS Mosaic and replayed via Bartók, these rips replay as MQA just fine. But not with Roon.

Strangely this is only happening to some of my rips…


Hi @Gordon_Lau,

Can I please request that you upload this affected media to a shared Dropbox / Google Drive / link and send it to me as a private message? I would like to get these files over to QA to confirm the behavior. Thanks!

You’re not alone with this behavior.

Sure. Will do that later thks

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This problem still not corrected yet on 1.7

Hi @Cheung_Hon_Wah,

Yes, we are that the MQA issue still exists in 1.7.

I took a look at our internal tracker today, and I can see that this ticket is still in our review queue. This means our team is still planning to look at this, but it has not reached the dev team’s queue yet.

Once the ticket has reached the dev queue, we will work on resolving this issue and notify users via Release Notes in a future Roon build. Thanks in advance for your patience!

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