MQA Core Decoder NOT working for MQA Tracks in multiples of 44.1 kHz

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Description Of Issue

When playing MQA tracks in mutiples of 44.1 kHz (let’s say one from 2L The Nordic Sound at 352.8 kHz) even when the MQA Core Decoder is enabled the signal path does not show the MQA Core Decoder at all.

If I play any MQA track in multiples of 48 kHz (let´s say 192 kHz) the MQA Core Decoder appears on the signal path.

Hi can you post some screen shot examples of the Roon signal path please.

Also some shots of how the zone’s device is setup.

Hey @MarinRene,

Thanks for getting in touch about this. We’d love to help, even if much much later than you expected and we hoped :pleading_face:

Just as @Carl asked (thanks about that :pray:), could you please send a screenshot of Settings → Audio and your Signal Path?

Thanks in advance :pray:

Hi Rebeka,

I’m sending you a couple of screenshots, hope they help.

  • Marin Rene.

Thanks for the swift reply, @MarinRene. I’m looping in my colleagues on the technical team so they can chime in with their expertise.

You should hear back from one of them soon :pray:

By the Way Rebeka

May I kindly ask you why MQA Tracks that are multiples of 44.1 kHz use half the bandwidth of those in multiples of 48 kHz when played on ROON?

Thank You in advance

The 16/44.1 mqa files are 705 kbps flac.
The 24/44.1 mqa files are 1058 kbps flac.
The 24/48 mqa files are 1152 kbps flac.

Of course!!!
I forgot for a second that MQA uses just the regular bandwidth of the file.
Sorry for this so obvious question.
Thank You for the so fast response.
Now I’ll wait for the other answer.
Have a great evening.
-Marin Rene.

Is your Realtek capable of 88.2kHz? Have you enabled 88.2kHz in Windows / Realtek audio setup?

Try using Roon DSP Engine to upsample a non-MQA 44.1kHz to 88.2kHz and see whether that can be played successfully.

In fact it can play up to 192 kHz.

Here it is upsampling to 192 kHz.

I specifically mean 88.2kHz.

Ability to play 192kHz does not guarantee you can play 88.2kHz.

Yes you’re right, forgot that 192 is not 44.1 multiple.

No option for upsampling to 88.2 kHz in ROON

So your Realtek driver reports it is unable to support 88.2kHz.

Your next step is to investigate the Realtek and/or Windows settings for 88.2kHz (and 176.4kHz).

No option for 88.2 kHz in Windows too

Nor 176.4 kHz

Find the exact model of your Realtek chip. ALC892?

Please tell me where can I found it?

Device Manager and properties?

Got it
Realtek ALC3252

Google “Realtek 88.2kHz” reveals there are problem reports without solutions for those old chips (other than buying something else such as a USB DAC or a soundcard).

Going forward you can try getting Roon to do MQA Core decoding to 88.2kHz then go through DSP Engine to upsample to 96kHz for output.