MQA indication on Tidal stream

My setup: MacMini running Roon server, Rose 150 streamer/DAC, Buchardt 500s.

Question; If I stream direct to the Rose from Tidal, the legend on screen says; "flac 24 bits 44.1khz 2ch MQA 44.1khz.

Stream the exact same music from Tidal via Roon and there’s no indication of MQA.


Suggestions please.

Post a screenshot of the Roon signal path when you’re playing Tidal MQA.

Is MQA enabled in device setup?

Hi. Screen shot from Roon, playing Tidal MQA.

Second screen shot from Rose screen - playing direct from Tidal:

Your not playing the MQA version from Roon here at all just regular flac, Roon offers all versions of albums to play. It would say it was MQA in the signal path of it was. What tier are you subscribing to is this set correctly in Roon, check the versions tab of the album and select the MQA version.

In Roon, I always opt for the MQA version.

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But your signal path proved that you were playing a non-MQA version from Roon.

Since this is not your intention, something was wrongly set in Roon.

Then I suspect you have the wrong tier set in Roon or its not recognising you have hifi plus. What tier do you subscribe to? Hifi only gives you MQA that is 16bit nothing above that will play as MQA. If your on Hifi Plus then it will play all versions of MQA. Check what you have Tidal service set to in Roon. Change it if needed, sign out then back in again and see if it helps. If not then raise a support ticket giving all your details.

Tidal set up in Roon - as far as I can see - 100%. My Tidal membership:

MQA files play perfectly on Rose streamer via Tidal iPhone app.

Been in extensive conversation with Rose agent in UK - they see no issues with the hardware. Seems increasingly like a Roon issue. Any further suggestions?

In addition to the things you were already advised to check but apparently have not (or at least not confirmed in the thread), also check that you have the new MQA preference setting configured correctly

Hi Paul,

The screenshot only shows you have the right Tidal subscription. It does not mean you have it actually set up correctly in Roon :slight_smile:

Can you please let us know what you see under streaming quality in Roon - Settings - Services - Tidal.

All set up as you’d expect:

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Hi. I set the MQA preference to “MQA whenever available” a couple of days ago. No difference.

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Might want to check the MQA core decoder setting.