Multiple Forced Rescans Needed After Reopening Roon

Why is it that when I re-open Roon, many of the artists and songs have disappeared, which requires that a rescan be conducted to recapture all of them? While it looks like the program is slowing churning to locate them all and “import” them again, it often taken multiple forced rescans and over 25 minutes to get my full library back on tap. Everything is located in one folder on a NAS.

Thanks for your assistance in figuring this out.

Hi JM,

That doesn’t sound right. Could you set out some further System details as per this thread and the Support devs will look into it.

My set up is the following: Roon core is a MacBook running 10.11.6. Music files are stored on a QNAP NAS. All connected via router (NAS via ethernet cable, core via wifi). Collection size is approx 7000 songs. Roon is 1.2 (build 157)(64 bit).

As I have the core on my lap top, I change rooms with it, and some rooms are out of wifi range. I sometimes close the program as well, or shut my laptop cover (but do not turn off laptop).

The issue is this: when I return to wifi coverage, there is occasionally a message saying the roon server disconnected. When I open Roon again, sometimes the song count starts falling (losing about 3-5k). Today, even the artist count went down to 34. Only after I force rescanned approximately 10 times did all the numbers (songs and artists) return to normal.

The Support devs will investigate, but I suspect having the Core on WiFi and moving it in and out of network service where the files are stored may be a contributing factor here.

If you have a QNAP 471 or up then you might consider installing Roon Server on your NAS as Core and using your MacBook as a Control.

It’s a QNAP 251, so I don’t think that would be a viable option. No choice but to take my laptop to the other room(s) as well.

Thanks for your insight and I look forward to anything else the Support team can offer to help explain and resolve the issue.

I’ll drop a flag for @Support to look in.

What the Core is seeing is its connection to the watched folder on the NAS breaking and reforming without the folder being disabled within Roon. I expect Roon then starts re-organising its database as if that folder no longer exists and when the connection is re-established starts a further re-organisation.

I would rank various possible Roon architectures as follows:

  1. Core on same machine as library. Roon loves to be on a fast SSD next to the library folders. I have Roon Server running on a BRIX as server with a 1 TB SSD holding my music files. This is also how Roon operates when installed on a NAS.

  2. Core hardwired by Ethernet to library on a NAS. A lot of people do this without problems.

  3. Core on WiFi, NAS on Ethernet. This can be problematic as the music signal always goes through the Core. If the Core is fetching the music from the NAS and then sending it to a network Output, then that means WiFi in real time in two directions which usually causes problems.

  4. Core on WiFi, NAS on WiFi. This is unlikely to result in a good user experience because of bandwidth issues.

I would suggest:

  • loading the music library into an SSD in your MacBook; or

  • using a hardwired desktop PC, BRIX, NUC or Mac Mini as a Core and the MacBook as a Remote;

  • extending the WiFi signal to the rooms where it currently drops out;

If you have to continue moving the MacBook in and out of WiFi range then I would suggest disabling the NAS folders and closing Roon before leaving the network and when rejoining, re-enabling the NAS folders.

I am experiencing the same issue as JM75. My library loses the count of thousands of albums, artists, etc.


  • Roon is installed on one of two 500 gb SSD in a QNAP TVS-882
  • the music file are installed on the QNAP’s internal WD 6TB HDDs
  • Roon is setup to watch the local folder (all music in one folder) on this NAS server
  • Followed instructions to the tee for setting up Roon on QNAP NAS as provided by Christopher Rieke
  • all connections are through a wired 1GB ethernet network
  • Roon is remotely controlled by wired and wifi units; both see the identical loss in the counts of albums, artists, etc.
  • all remote controllers are running Windows 10, 64 bits
  • the audio files are played through a PS Audio PerfectWave Mk II dac with a Bridge 2 on the same wired gigabit network
  • all updates done on hardware and software
  • DAC and NAS have static IP addresses
  • shutting down remotes several times does not resolve the issue, and force rescan (done a few times) also does not resolve the issue
  • a reboot of the QNAP NAS does resolve the problem for a short period and then the problems starts again
  • the same issue was seen when a PC was used as the core/server

Hopefully this additional information will help to resolve this problem permanently. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Hi @JM75 ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. I appreciate the very thorough description of your setup, providing that information is always a huge help when investigating these types of issues :clap: :thumbsup:

I would like to grab a set of logs from you so our developers can have a closer look into this issue and will be contacting you via PM momentarily with instructions.


Hi @June_Coll ---- Thank you as well for the report and the very detailed description :sunglasses: I would also like to grab some logs from you and will be contacting you via PM shortly.


OK. Ready to follow instructions. Thanks for your help.

This happens to me all the time, and has been happening in all of the months since I started using Roon.

My core is on a Mac Mini (late 2012) with 16gb RAM and a 1TB fusion drive. My library is on a Drobo 5N connected through hard-wired ethernet.

Any time I drop new files into my watched folder, I have to quit Roon first. Otherwise, as soon as Roon detects new files, it begins the long inexorable decrement of number of tracks. If I don’t catch it quickly, it would run my 273,000 tracks down so far it would take hours and hours to rebuild when I start up again. If I remove files from my library while Roon is running, the decrement happens and it is ugly.

If I quit Roon before adding files to my folder, then I stand a decent chance of this not happening. But it still takes a really long, unacceptably long, time to rescan my library each time.

Weird thing is: if my track count goes down, when I rescan again, the tracks that it “lost” are frequently the same artists each time. This may be a clue! One of the artists is Glenn Gould. I know there have been problems with the Glenn Gould box set, and I do have that. But it also happens with some artists where there is no apparent reason why it should be. (No reissues with different track counts or times, no box sets bought digitally where the track numbers run serially from album to album instead of starting from 1 each time…that is a Roon killer in my experience.

BUT: Roon could make one simple change (may not be simple to implement!) that would mitigate all of this: allow users to prefer their own metadata as the albums are scanned, rather than having to compensate later after Roon attaches its necessarily compromised metadata to my files.

Also: allow users a way to pause the scanning while files are being added or removed from the watched folder. Pause, then add/remove, then un-pause, and this would work a lot better.