Multiple processnames visible in activity monitor osx

I do have a problem to connect to the Roon OS admin.
macmini 2020 model
remote: other mac or ipad
same network within one router

on the osx activity monitor i do see 2 entries with the name “RoonServer”

When i do try to connect on the same machine or on the ipad in the settings->setup i do see just the message with “Searching for devices.:”

thx in advance

This screen refers to machines running ROCK or to a Nucleus, not RoonServer.

Don’t use this option -


Instead you should have seen something like this -

You are right, it is a Nucleus. So if it is a Nucleus the entries in the activity monitor must be with two entries.
But how do i configure the nucleus; or is it not necessary.


With the Nucleus Web Administration Interface.

I think one of us is misunderstanding the other.

A Mac Mini or any Mac is not a Nucleus.
Probably not running ROCK on either Mac

If you can’t find the Nucleus Web Administration Interface, mentioned in @andybob’s post, that’s why and you’ll still have a problem with finding a Roon device.

little bit confused: i did download the Roonserver app from the website; started the app by double clicking. downloaded roon on the other mac and did start the app. it asked to which server i do want to be connected; i did select the „macmini“. music is running smothly; just perfect sound. Just one small point open: ipad -> HugoTT2 with USB usb cable. if the ipad goes to sleep and started again the ipad is gone in the audio selection.

So i di have just 2 small probelems:

  1. Connect to the website admin
  2. ipad disapear in the audiolist

Speakers i do use 5 B&W formation wedge.

The web site admin is only for a Nucleus or a ROCK machine; neither of which you are running.

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so i do use what; ROCK??
still confused.

Why do you want to connect to web site admin, that’s not necessary for you.

It’s only for Nucleus or ROCK.

np, dont need to connect to admin. but still what is my config? do you have me a doc, which expain this?

btw: you are superfast with the answers. thx.

As I understand it -

1, Roon Core is on your Mini.
2. You are using another MAC as an endpoint and an iPad as an endpoint.
3. Either the MAC or your iPad or both are being used for Remote.

Is that your setup?

mac is just remote
ipad as remote and as endpoint. ipad->tt2 ->HP
B&W speaker as endpoints

OK, so #1 is not an issue.

I don’t use an iPad for an endpoint, so someone else will have to help there.

I suspect that one can’t let an iPad endpoint go to sleep while playing to it.

However, once it comes out of sleep, it should show back in audio devices.

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  1. so there are 3 options: Nucleus or ROCK or Roon Server
  2. your answer: could be.

Other then your iPad going to sleep, you don’t have a problem. Leave your config as is.

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great summary; just must say: Great Product & GREAT Support!!!

I’m not official Roon support. I am just another user.

I’m tagging the official Roon @support as maybe they can help with your iPad concerns.

Have fun.

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Corrections: GREAT Roon User!!! THX

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i think my question is solved i other support case; there was the problem with iphone as the endpoint:

John Walker

To start with, Roon must be running in the foreground on your iPhone to be detected.
Once you get it going, it will remain available as long as it’s in the foreground OR if music is playing. If you exit (even if running in the background) or the queue runs out, the endpoint will “disappear” (which is quite irritating, BTW).



Daniel Beyer
Community: Moderator

Phones Android or Apple are hidden by default. Go into device settings and turn off private zone.


Hi @Pablo,

It sounds like you had most of your questions answered by @xxx & @Rugby (thanks for jumping in guys), but I do want to clarify one misconception I saw in the thread that Slim was trying to clarify:

Nucleus is a pre-built server made by Roon that runs RoonOS (custom linux-based operating system):

Roon Optimized Core Kit (ROCK) is a DIY server you build yourself and put RoonOS on:

You are currently running on a Mac Mini Server, which is neither ROCK nor Nucleus, as they are 3 distinct types of Roon setups. In this case, you have a RoonServer setup and you are not expected to find anything under the Configure Roon OS devices as those are reserved for ROCK and Nucleus.

I would also suggest checking out our Knowledge Base, as it’s a great resource for users who are just getting started with Roon and can help guide you to some of the powerful (maybe a bit hidden) features of Roon: