Multiple Streaming / Family Accounts and Roon Profiles (Tidal, Qobuz, ...)

New user here evaluating trial. Love how rich the interface is.

However, no solution for multiple tidal accounts (via family subscription) may be a deal breaker for me…

+1 Tidal Family support

An online family account tide to roon does not trump all the work they have done; yes, I give it to you… Would it been cool? sure. But roon has put in major work to bring things that really matter and transcend roon to other levels.

Well done roon, ill stay here and wait for your releases.

Things that really matters depends on people needs and usage….

I’d like to second this one. This has become an issue for me. I got a TIDAL family plan so I could listen to TIDAL at work while my wife worked at home where she could be listening to Roon. Unfortunately, this does not work because Roon will only recognize one TIDAL account for all of Roon. I think there should be the ability to assign different TIDAL accounts to individual Roon profiles under the Roon account.

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Thank you for all the good work on the software; very happy with Roon Arc. However, the use of multiple Tidal accounts (even better: a per profile connection to one of the external services) is much needed as well. Thank you in advance!

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It strikes me that this hurts Roon more than it hurts the streaming services … and I say this as someone who has held off subscribing to any music service because of the lack of proper usability with Roon.

If I we paid close to $20 per month for a “family” and my wife couldn’t use a service because I’m using it elsewhere with Roon that would NOT fly.

The long term value is still in physical media because you control the content. Everything else is a convenience … until it disappears or becomes too restrictive to easily use.

Absolutely adding my voice for one Tidal account per profile, as an option.

This is the last barrier to get my SO to start using roon day to day now roon Arc exists

I just did a search to see how to do it. I huess you can’t!!

I have Sonos and it allows multiple family members on Tidal through different names.

Did you vote for it at the top of the topic?

Recently signed up for Roon, everything is great, but really sad to see that my wife can’t use her own Tidal account with her own Roon profile. Kind of defeats the purpose of profiles.
I even transferred all her Spotify music to Tidal, for her to be able to use Roon, just to discover it doesn’t work. Please develop this feature, it’s more or less a deal-breaker. I don’t want all of my wife’s RnB playlists in my Tidal. And she doesn’t want my Techno in hers.

Hi @Malte_Ehlers,
Welcome to Roon.
You can vote for this and any feature suggestion at the top of the topic. This way Roon staff can keep track and hopefully pick up our need for this feature.


Thanks. I already voted at the top :slight_smile:

Remember to click on the blue Vote button on the very top of this thread:


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