Multiroom with 2 RPi Devialet Expert an Phantom

I´ve bought an RPi digi+ connected to my Phantom (or my Dialog) for using as and squeezelight endpoint. It works fine.

Further I´ve connected an Devialet Expert via USB to my MacBook Air running ROON Core and I am able to use Devialets buggy AIR. I use an MacBook Pro and iPads as ROON remote.

How can I use the Phantom and the Devialet Expert synchronous as Multiroom solution without time delay between them (normally there is a delay, when using hardware streamers or Apple Air play).

Is it useful to buy another RPi to use two endpoint each and but them to one room (how ?) ?

Thanks !

Hi M,

There was some discussion in this thread about synchronising different protocols, including being able to sync AirPlay devices with AirFoil 5. I’m not sure where Devialet Air fits in. Other users may know.

As far as I understand it isn´t possible at the moment to group different kind of endpoints. So in my current situation it is in fact not possible to set a group with the Deivalet AIR and the RPi for example. But the other threat isn´t clear about the possibility to group same endpoints like two Rpi´s. Before I will buy a second one, it would be nice to know if this is really possible (Syncronize multiple Roon outputs)