Music keep stopping and then volume rises to maximum ON ITS OWNn its own to dangerous levels

Thats an interesting point but i live on my own, i have a spotify account but tend to only use that on my desktop when qobuz cant find certain tracks. Thank you for your suggestion though.

The problem with Spotify is that if someone ever connected the Spotify on their phone to your devices, they have access to it even if they are on the other side of the world. Spotify does this via the internet and does not need the local network

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I know for sure its occurred on my Sony Xperia phone a few times, i cant replicate it though, i think its also happened when using a windows surface tablet, the volume issue usually occurs when i turn the volume up in roon, usually when the Atom is part of a group of speakers, it has never happened while using the roodial volume control. What is odd is that sometimes i have jumped on the Atom and turened the volume wheel down and it still keeps racing away…it would appear Naim have seen this happen, i guess its not clear if this is a Naim issue or a Roon issue?

Thank you for this, i have read through the thread and it appears to be possibly linked to the use of hardware buttons on the phone that also dictate volume, and also when using the Naim app, this has only happened to me whilst using Roon but i am sure the software control mechansim is the same.

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I have been giving this a little more thought, its early and coffee hasnt quite kicked in yet but i think my ex still uses spotify, that said she has never played anything through my atom, following @Rockhound advice i have signed out of all of my spotify devices, would i need to get my ex to sign out of her devices? (my spotify is a family plan that my ex and daughter still use)

In order to try and find a resolution i think ill disable spotify input from the Atom for now, i assume this is a better option to having just me sign out of spotify on the Atom?

I think she could change the volume with her hardware buttons even if she is not playing anything. The stupid thing is that she has to sign out of your device, you can’t do anything about it except asking her

Trying to understand this a bit more … she is a named person on my family account but has never connected her account or devices to any of my hardware, i am struggling to understand how an action on her part could drive this.
I have disabled spotify as an input on the Atom (and signed out on spotify on Naim app) so surely that can rule out volume acceleration caused by a spotify user on my Atom?

Disabling the Spotify input on the Atom has no effect on this. Really.

However, the only possibility for this to happen would be if she ever connected her phone to your Atom for playing Spotify. She would have to be in your wifi network for this. But after she has done that, she can control your Atom from anywhere in the world.

If she never did that, it is not the cause. Rockhound and I just brought it up as a possibility.

However, some instances of magic volume changes that some users on the Naim forum described were never fully understood. I can’t rule out Roon but it seems unlikely. Some kind of bug in the Atom is a possibility but IIRC there never was any reproducible proof for this either

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The was another thread about Atom volume increase here:

And a new one about a Cambridge Audio:

Set volume safety limits:

Maybe your Atom allows to set somewhat similar limits too? Else, please help Roon Labs to find reproduction steps. Read more about it:

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This has happened to me on my Lumin T2. I can’t recall the exact circumstances, but broadly I think I opened the Android Roon app and was impatiently trying to increase the volume before the app was fully responsive. Then the volume started to rise on its own. Same behaviours: turning the volume down worked until releasing the button, then it would climb.

I can’t recall, but the fix was either to kill the Android app or switch off the Lumin. After turning the Lumin back on, the problem stopped and I learned to be more patient.

There was indeed a thread discussing this issue for Roon Android app. I don’t recall seeing discussion of the same issue on iOS app though.

Do you recall whether you were tapping the on-screen “+”, dragging the volume slider, or using the phone volume physical buttons?

I think I was frantically tapping the “+” button in my impatience. Sometimes I need to remember to slow down and smell the roses…

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Naims head of software said it was Roon that was the issue with the Atom and that It was an area of the screen in the ui that caused it.

I can’t remember the details but one would think that Steve would then have talked to Roon so that they can fix the issue between them?

He did as far as I know and it was sorted I never had the issue happen again. I am not on Android for last few months so likely a regression bug if it’s happening still.

Great, so clearly something odd going on, assuming that the Atom Firmware and Roon are up to date. #support ?

I can confirm both the Atom & Roon are upto date.

I have put volume limits in place now and disabled Spotify inputs on Atom, i will of course provide an update if the “unintended volume acceleration” happens again - its kind of worrying that the issue has a name :upside_down_face:

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Yes, please do let us know. It looks like you’ve piqued the interest of many in your post so we’ll be watching.


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