Music Stops Randomly with TIDAL + Roon

I don’t want to co-opt this thread, but I have the same issue (music just stops partway into the song, sometimes as little as a couple seconds).
My Tidal subscription is the normal one, not HiFi, though.
I have no issues when streaming Tidal from my phone (not through Roon), whether at home on WiFi, or on LTE away from home, so it’s not Tidal. It only happens when Roon switches to a Tidal-sourced track. It’s unbearable to the point that Tidal essentially does not provide anything.
I have no trouble streaming my own music that is on my HD.
Based on deductive reasoning, it would seem that the Tidal-Roon interface were to blame.

Hello @Erik_Kellison,

I have split your post from the previous discussion so that I can better assist here. Can you please use the following thread as a guide and provide some more details regarding your setup here?

Some of the relevant information from that thread would include (but not limited to):

  • Core details (Operating System + Roon Build)
  • Audio devices in use (Model/manufacturer)
  • Whether this issue occurs for all your zones or just one
  • Model/manufacturer of your router/switches/range extenders/ect.
  • The exact local time in your country (e.g. 11:46AM) of when this issue occurs next


OK, this issue has resurfaced in the past weeks, and is far worse than before.
I do not know what has changed. I have tried resetting the router, modem, restarts… no real success. It is sporadic and seems to be an issue with Tidal, but still has occurred with NAS music, too.
It is so bad that this whole house-music-system that I made for my wife to enjoy music has resulted in her reverting back to music from her phone because at least it plays reliably. Jamming out to a song only to have it randomly interrupted, time after time after time, really ruins the mood. It’s painful to have such a well-researched and expensive solution fail so consistently.
So, in pursuit of a solution, here’s the details as previously requested:
Core: Dell Precision M6600 running Roon v1.6 Build 416
I have Googdle ChromeCast Audios all over the place.
It occurs from whichever zone to which I’m casting, but not predictably. Sometimes just one CCA stops, sometimes all.
Modem: Motorola Surfboad SB6121
Router: Netgear Nighthawk R69000
Please help. This is killing me.

Hi @Erik_Kellison,

Thank you for sharing that additional info and apologies for the frustration here. Since this issue occurs with both TIDAL and NAS content, I would like to take a closer look at the network setup with the following suggestions:

  • You mentioned that you have a Netgear router in place here. Can you please confirm to make sure you have “Enable Smart Connect” disabled in the router settings? This setting has caused similar behavior in the past and we mention this aspect on our Networking Best Practices Guide.

  • How is the Core connected to the network here? If it is on WiFi, can you please try connecting it via Ethernet to see if there is a change in behavior?

  • Are you grouping these chromecasts or are they playing as separate zones? Does this behavior only occur when the chromecasts are grouped?

  • Does this behavior only occur with certain types of sample rates? Do lower sample rates not exhibit these symptoms and just the higher sample rates do?

  • How are you outputting from these chromecasts, are you using TOSLINK or a regular 3.5mm analog out?

Thank you for getting back to me. I will take a look tomorrow evening when I have a chance and reply once I have some more answers.

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Interestingly, I have had ZERO problems since bringing this issue up. I did nothing. I hope this doesn’t jinx me, just happy it’s working!

Hi @Erik_Kellison,

Thanks for letting me know! If the issue re-surfaces do feel free to reach out further to us.

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