Music stops with Remote Desktop termination

I have a desktop machine (Machine-A) which is connected to a set of speakers, Machine-B is a laptop I use for work. A separate dedicated Roon ROCK device is my Roon Server.

Machine-A has only Roon Bridge installed… Machine-B has the Roon desktop application installed as I use this machine to control my listening sessions. While I am working on Machine-B I usually have Machine-A opened through a Windows Remote Desktop… I noticed lately that while music was playing, if I close the Remote Desktop windows on Machine-B, then Roon would suddenly stop playback… On the Roon application I would see “Roon lost control of the audio device” message.

I would have to open Roon and hit play again to resume playback. For some reason Roon Bridge seems to be interrupted when a remote desktop window closes… Is there any particular reason for this? I used this configuration for about a couple of years now, the interruptions in playback are very recent so not sure if there was any update in the Roon architecture that causes this… Any tips?

I have my Windows Remote Desktop setup to play audio on the remote machine and not on the client machine.


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Pretty strange. I wonder if this is related to a Microsoft update. Can you correlate the time this started happening to an update in your logs?

I had a similar problem when my Roon core was running on a headless Windows machine. Roon would lose the local audio endpoints (connected directly to the core machine) when I used RDP to access it.

I tried to correlate with any of the updates but could not see anything that would point to the root cause… it is very strange…

It’s a known issue with RDP. See the note at the end of this KB article.

Edit October 2021: since the new Help Portal has been introduced that link no longer goes to the original article in the old KB system, but to a new article in the Portal - and this does not mention the RDP issue, unfortunately.

Try using splashtop or teamviewer instead of RDP.

Would love to better understand what is causing the music to stop playing.

Below is a diagram I will use to illustrate how this is setup, everything works fine unless I close the Remote Desktop Window which is accessing Machine-A remotely on the Laptop (Machine-B)… Why should disconnecting the RDP session interrupt the interaction between the Roon Bridge and the audio device on Machine-A?

If I run Roon on the laptop (Machine-B) and I shut the laptop down, the music continues to play just fine on Machine-A

MS RDP interacts with local audio devices which seems to cause an issue with Roon on the same machine. As @Geoff_Coupe pointed out its a known issue. Use something other than RDP to connect to Machine A and you’ll be fine. In the past (before I moved to ROCK) I used Chrome Remote Desktop to good effect, or try any of the suggestions from @Rugby.

Thanks, I will give up, this worked well for a couple of years, suddenly started with this issue… testing TeamViewer now to see if that works, tried Chrome Remote Desktop but too slow for me… Also looking at splashtop …

Hello @thijazi, glad you got some help here! Please let us know if you get better results from the alternatives named.

Thank you, sorted…

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