Mutec MC-3+USB Roon Tested?

The MC-3 was declared Roon Tested in December -18. Is this for a direct USB connection only? I have mine connected to a microRendu and there is no Mutec entry in the ‘Identify this device’.


Hello @ogs,

The Mutec MC-3+ USB has passed its Roon Tested certification. We are currently in the process of getting assets for proper device identification, which we hope will be completed soon.


Thanks John

microRendu and the Mutec is a terrific combination!

any news on this? Mutec recently announced ‘Roon tested’ for the MC-3+ in a mail, but I still do not see a entry for Mutec in the list of manufacturers.

For those looking to buy a Mutec device online, I have auditioned both the 3+ and the 3+ USB.

I got them both from Sweetwater and highly recommend this supplier

Do you still use these?

No. I found neither one, either the 3+ as a master clock or the 3+ USB as a reclocker, make a significant difference in my system.

The iFi Nano USB3 and the iFi Pro iDSD DAC, which upsamples, make an SQ I’m quite satisfied with.

Instead, I’ve decided to apply my money to a PrimaLuna preamp.

Still, I like the Mutec devices. They are well designed and made. If one wants to apply their money there, one could do worse.

To their credit, Sweetwater took back my returns without so much as a negative comment. :slight_smile:

OK. I use my MC-3+ USB in front of a Devialet amp. Better than the current RAAT implementation on the Dev., but this may change when Devialet gets more experience with RAAT.

A bit funny as the microRendu also runs RAAT. The mR/Mutec sounds better into the AES/EBU input than Roon directly to RAAT in the amp.

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I have Roon convert all signals to 96k and then the iFi Pro can upsample those to 768k.