My Arcam works through DLNA, is it compatible with Roon?

Hi, before I will buy a membership of Roon I would like to know if it will work on my Arcam Solo Music2 since it has no USB, just DNLA?

In short, no. Roon does not/will not support UPnP/DLNA.
There is however various workarounds, which are discussed in detail if you search the forum.

So as Mikael said, not directly but it might well work well if you look at this link.

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Until now I have no positive report regarding arcam devices running with rooUPnP. Here the list of the devices supported by rooUPnP.

You have to test it to really know. I will provide an evaluation license so you can check before you buy.

Best DrCWO

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As mentioned, there are several workarounds. I use a iFi Bridge:

Others use this:

Arcams UPnP has always been flakey. Never got my AV amp to work well with any UPnP bridge and Roon.

Well to be fair to Arcam, everyone’s UPnP/DNLA has always been flakey. Hence the ‘Plug ‘n’ Prey’ tag it was labelled with.

True but some are a lot worse than others. Could not get anything to work successfully with my Arcam where my Naim is very good and does.