My B&W A7 is now unstable on ROON after the latest update (1.3) [Resolved]

Until Roon 1.3 one of the great benefits of ROON was that I could play music through my B&W A7

HOwever, since the update my A7 disappear from the output list and have to be unplugged repeatedly to pop up on the list. In addition when I finally get it to work and I pause the music, it again disappears from the output list and I have again to begin the unplugging process to get it identified by Roon.

I have made no changed with my wifi network or with the placement of my A7 so my guess is that the ROON 1.3. update that causes this.

Any advice?

Is there no-one who can help me with this?

@rasmussenmorten Try prefixing @support to your message to make support aware of your problems.


Hey @rasmussenmorten – I believe we have an A7 in house to test with, so we can try to reproduce this issue and see if anything has changed. I don’t believe we’ve made changes in this area, but we’ll confirm.

As @Ratbert mentioned, including @support in your message will help ensure we’re notified you need help.

Can you also let us know the details of your setup, as described here?

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I am running the latest version of ROON and HQplayer on a Mac mini 2,7 GHz Intel Core i7 (medio 2011)
8GB 1333 MHz DDR3, OS X El Capitain 10.11.6 over firewire to a mytek 192dsd dac. I store my music on thunderbolt harddisk 6 TB.

WIFI is run by apple Airport Extreme

The problem is that my B&W A7 has become unstable. It is hard for ROON to find it on the network and when it does and begin to play. If I pause the music the unit loose contact to ROON.

As far as I know I have made no changed in my wifi network nor in the placement of my A7 – the problems seems to have begun in earnest after the upgrade to 1.3.

I hope my details help you to reproduce the problem!

Hi @rasmussenmorten ---- Thank you for the follow up and taking the time to answer our questions. Both are very appreciated!

I wanted to touch base with you, as this report is now in my queue for testing and once I have some feedback for you I will be sure to follow up with my thoughts/findings asap.


Excellent. Thank you very much for your good service.

Hi @rasmussenmorten ---- Thank you for your patience here, it is very appreciated! I wanted to touch base with you as I had a chance to pull out my A7 speaker today and test with it.

For good measure I started completely from scratch, by performing a factory reset and then re-setting up the device. I have been reliable streaming to the device for a few hours now. This included turning on and off my roon core, switching zones, starting and stoping playback, and powering up/down the unit.

With the above in mind, can you verify for me if anything has changed with the latest build we have released? Furthermore, can you confirm that all the firmware is up to date for the device?

Lastly, when you notice this issue in Roon, are you still able to use the A7 with other applications (i.e the B&W control app or itunes over airplay?)


Thanks for testing this. It is a bit weird because since the last Roon update the problem has gone away. I wonder what the glitch was about. But it seems to be solved again…

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