My Roon Core can’t be seen on the network

My network can no longer see my Roon core. It worked for about 8 months but when I now try to access it via the app it searches for the core but does not see it. I’ve rebooted everything I can reboot, reinstalled the app, unplugged it and plugged it back in but no joy. I’ve since reverted back to my former system software for accessing music and now I sit here wondering what to do with this expensive piece of Roon hardware that doesn’t work and is now taking up space. I feel like I’ve paid out a lot of money in return for a dreadful experience having wasted much time building my playlist library that are now since lost.

Hi Peter

Could you please share your system details

Roon Core - make and model
Network - router, switches, access points etc, wired or wifi
Endpoints - make and model

There is a template somewhere, but the above is a start.

Did anything happen, or did you do anything to your network the day the Core went “missing”?

Also, is your Roon Remote device (phone, tablet etc) on the same network (subnet).

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If you have done Settings==>Backup then none of your curations are lost.

As for your Core problem, tagging @support. It might be awhile as they are busy with ARC right now.

Hi, @Peter_Thornton,

Your topic has been moved to the support section of the forum.

In order for Roon’s @support team to better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so they can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Hi @Peter_Thornton,

I am sorry you’ve had a bad experience with your core. I wish I could tell you that it didn’t happen but hardware does indeed fail.

I can confirm that Roon does not see a core reporting from your account.

Will you please complete the requested information that @andybob provided? We will be happy to dive into this with you and offer assistance.


  • Roon Core is a Nucleus Plus (Rev B) 1TB
  • SN 54B203939864
  • The unit is plugged directly into my wireless router
  • I’m nit sure what you mean about end points as I should still see the Roon Core when I select it on my app, regardless of what end points I have. The end pointsd cannot be slected unless one has access to the core.
  • However…, I am using a Naim NDX2 fed by TIDAL, My own NAS Drive and Qobuz
  • Everything is on the same network
  • My concern is that the unit may have developed a fault, as I cannot think of anything else

My Roon Core is connected directly to the router
I only have one network in the house, both my Roon Core and iPhone are on the same network
My system consists of a Naim NDX2
Sources are my NAS Drive, Tidal and Qubuz
I have re-installed the app, rebooted my Core, Router & iPhone numerous times and I cannot see the core at all. All I get is ‘Looking for Roon Core’.
I’m almost convinced there’s a hardware fault

I have tried connecting a HDMI Cable from my Core to my Monitor but I cannot see anything adn the monitor is not seeing any signal input.

How do I return this unit for Investigation/Repair. My belief is that there is a hardware fault.

I cannot and will not buy another unit and I hope it is still covered by warranty. Unless I have a functioning unit I will not be renewing any subscriptions with Roon.

I have left a message with the HiFi shop where I bought the unit and will try to return via that route. If this route is not possible then it will have to be returned directly to Roon…, or a designated contract repairer.

If I am unsuccessful with all my methods I will have to think about where to go from here. I feel like I do not have a ‘one to one’ contact at the end of a phone line to discuss my problem with and without that I feel high dry while out of pocket on this hardware purchase. Fortunately I hadn’t opted for the life time membership option as I would now be committed to something that I cannot use.

Hi @Peter_Thornton,

Thank you for patiently awaiting a response.

We can certainly say that with no output seen via HDMI that the board on the unit is bad. The unit is warrantied for two years from purchase and your HiFi shop should be able to honor that. They also have the ability to contact our dealer support group to seek assistance in fulfilling that warranty so please keep that in mind.



Hi Wes.
Taking your advice, the unit has been shipped to your UK dealer support representative, Henley Audio for investigation and subsequent repair. Hopefully it will be returned, ‘fit form & function’ when I then hope to get back on line with Roon.

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Hi @Peter_Thornton,

Let me know how things go if you think about it!

I’ll leave the thread open so you can.


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