My Roon Nucleus Crashed Seven Times in 36 Hours [Solved]

My Roon Nucleus crashed twice in the last 12 hours. I think maybe upsampling from 48 to 768 and 44.1 to 705.6 is too much for the little guy. I turned off upsampling for the Mojo 2 to see if that’s the problem.

My Nucleus just crashed for the third time in less than 24 hours. After I get it going again, I will switch to my Meridian Prime to see if the crashes are related to my new Mojo 2. I thought it might be because I was upsampling too much, but this last crash was with no upsampling.

Hey Jim, I recall reading one post about suspected memory issues and Danny said if Roon runs out of Ram it will crash. As I recall you have the Nucleus which comes with 4GB. Could be worthwhile to replace the 4GB stick with a matched kit, 2 - 4GB sticks or 2 8GB sticks. Memory is cheap now or was and is easy to replace.

I had 16GB in my NUC and picked up a matched 32GB kit, 2 16GB sticks, for about $100.00. I was changing out my SATA 1TB drive for a 4TB drive and figured what the heck, might as well since the box was open.

Have no idea if that is the issue, just a thought.

Thanks Mike. My Nucleus already has 16 GB of RAM and I have no local music files.

EDIT: Well, after 3 hours with no crashes using the Meridian Prime, I’m back to the Mojo 2. We’ll see what happens.

Roon crashed again while using Chord Mojo 2 connected by USB to RPi4 running RoPieeeXL beta. This is no good. This is 4 crashes in a little over 24 hours.

Roon are probably going to want to look at the logs Jim at some stage to see what might be going on here.

I’ve just switched the Mojo 2 from the Amazon 6 foot cable to the short cable that came with the Mojo 2. This one plugs into the micro USB port. I’m hoping maybe the cheap Amazon cable is at fault, but I don’t know why that would cause my Roon Nucleus to disconnect.

I also switched my RPi4 back to the older version of RoPieeeXL, although I doubt that’s the problem since my Meridian Prime has never had this problem.

Hopefully, someone from Roon will come along and offer some help. IDK.

Make that 5 crashes. I need help from Roon.

Crash number 6.

I’m going to use my Dell XPS 15 Roon core for a while and see what happens with the Mojo 2 connected directly by USB.

Roon just crashed again, this time playing through my Meridian Prime. Something is definitely wrong and I think, by the process of elimination, the problem is Roon, Build 918.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with the Mojo 2. It is working well with Audirvana.

I definitely need Roon Support to help figure this out.

I have restored a backup from 2 days ago to see if that makes any difference. It’s still Build 918.

EDIT: Nope, crash number 7.

So, make this a formal request for support by filling in the details of your setup as per this link

Just crapped out again (7th time) after playing about 30 minutes to my Oppo 203. That rules out all my headphone gear. I think I will roll back to a pre-918 backup and see what happens.

Did a restore from recent 913 backup, but “About” says it’s still 918. IDK.

I’m playing to my Dell WIFI System Output now. That will eliminate everything except U-Verse router, Nucleus, and Roon.

At least, I’ve got my Mojo 2 and headphones plugged into the Dell, so it sounds very good while doing this testing.

Seems like I’m having a similar issue. I also tried to restore from 918 to 913 from backup. It also reverted back to 918.

FYI: Restoring a backup doesn’t revert the version of Roon you were running at the time of the backup. The backup is about the database, not the rest of the software.

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Might be worth a shot….make a note of how big the file was before you remove it

So, it’s been playing a while through my Dell WIFI System Output. If this continues to work, I’ve ruled out a Nucleus hardware problem and a U-Verse router/ISP problem. That pretty much narrows it down to a switch, ethernet cable, or a software/database problem.

It’s possible I resolved the software/database problem, possibly a corrupt file, by doing the restore to a few days older backup. To test this, I’ll switch back to my Oppo in a while. If that craps out, then it’s a bad switch or ethernet cable.

Fingers crossed. I just switched back to RPi4 to Mojo 2 which brings the switch back into play. If it craps out again, I think the problem is the switch or ethernet cable. If it doesn’t crap out, it was a corrupt database file.

As @wizardofoz suggested try the workaround noted in the thread below. This stands a very good chance of resolving the issue you are having.

@AMP Hi. If you can take a quick look at my thread bellow id appreciate it. I’m wondering if the aforementioned work around might apply for my situation? Thanks.