My signal path with JBL AUTHENTICS 300

I have attached a pic of my signal path for my new wireless speaker

Forgive my lack of understanding on this issue . The JBL is roon ready. Is it not supposed to be using RAAT to get the best signal quality? . Or is the signal path the best I will get ?

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What options show up in the :gear: > Audio screen for the JBL? Just Airplay, or is there a Roon Ready option as well?

PS - I don’t see the Authentics 300 listed on Roon’s JBL page…

Hi Geoff
Only the Airplay option is there.
The device is Roon ready apparently as another member of Roon support staff has his working with Roon.
JBL also have it listed as Roon ready.

So i may just have to be patient. I am right in assumin that the signal path should show the RAAT protocol if it used with Roon?

Thanks for the quick reply to my message

Website states …


Once the speaker/soundbar is connected to the network, software updates will automatically be sent to the speaker/soundbar through Wi-Fi or the internet, if available.

Perhaps they have not pushed an update yet for the Roon Ready.

Yes I have the latest update installed according to my app.

The other Roon user is getting the correct signal path so I am not sure why these options are not available to me.
He does that the Authentics 500 and I have the 300 so it may be this.
Thanks for your post.

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Software updates are staggered in many cases, so not everyone may receive it at the same time

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I have contacted JBL direct to ask about the issue.


Not a good first response from JBL.
They asked me what product I have the issue with , despite me putting it in the original email
Also,asked me to explain what I meant by roon ready ……so I quoted them their product brochure :grinning::grinning:


I don’t see it listed as Roon Ready or Roon Tested on the JBL website. Do you have a link? :thinking:

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It’s weird, I clicked on a couple of the JBL products listed as Roon Ready, but JBL makes no mention of Roon at all. :thinking:

Edit: Found this post

Very odd that JBL makes no mention of Roon, especially since they are part of Harman.


It is in the instruction guide as Roon Ready.
I await their replies :grinning:

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Weird that they don’t mention Roon on any of the available docs/manuals online.

I hope you get it straightened out. :grinning::crossed_fingers:

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Could you share a photo of this.

I’ve read the current online manual. ‘Roon Ready’ is only mentioned on the trademarks page. I couldn’t see where it says it is Roon Ready though.

Roon generally only list devices that are RR on their website and this JBL model is missing. It doesn’t even show as Roon Tested.

@jamie could you assist here? Thanks

On their web page for this device I can’t find Roon either (nor in a general search on their site) but it is actually here on page 16:

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Thanks @Suedkiez I got sidetracked

Yes, page 16 is the a trademarks page I referenced to. I’m not sure this is saying it is or isn’t, could be misleading if not RR :man_shrugging:

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Normally such a section lists trade marks used in the same file, and it seems this is the case for the others. But Roon is never mentioned elsewhere in this file and one would think there would be a little piece on how to use it. Could well be a mistake, as the website specs don’t mention it either. In any case quite a mess, even more if it should in fact support it.

And weird that Roon has no hits at all when searching the web site.


Yes this is the document I am referrring to. If I see that in a companies literaiture then I aasume its Roon ready.
Also a member of the Roon team has the 500 model and it is Roon ready…hence my confusion.

I’m confused, too

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Well after two days without a reply from JBL, maybe they are too :grinning:


I have the JBL Authentics 300 as well, but I’ve never seen any indication of Roon Ready. However it works fantastically well with Roon as a Chromecast endpoint. Any loss of resolution by down sampling to 96k on a speaker like this is not noticeable.