Mytek sells and does not deliver

It’s looking highly unlikely for me at this stage, unless the new BB is outstanding and they keep a very good trade in deal available. But I’d have to be certain of the viability and good faith of Mytek.


As a long time Brooklyn DAC user, I do hope Mytek can get their s*** together and start delivering quality product again before the bottom falls out completely.

I still have not heard of any deliveries of the new BB2 being made

Yep, the website still says 'end of October". Nothing otherwise, no media, no reviews, no one saying they’ve been asked to confirm / re-confirm their shipping address, no chatter so far.

I did some digging a while ago and I ended up buying new DAC from another company. There used to be some discussion on Audiogon forums, but threads have been deleted. I looked it up using google web cache and from what I’ve seen it wasn’t handled well by Mytek. Maybe they learned a lesson and that’s why they are hesitant to provide any valuable information here. At this point I am no longer interested in buying any device from Mytek - it’s beyond my comprehension how anyone would be, just waiting to see how it’s going to resolve. My bet? Not good for Mytek.

We have sent an email on September 12 to all clients who expressed interest in Brooklyn Bridge 2 in the past. The email stated that Brooklyn Bridge is being manufactured at the factory and that the shipping was delayed till end of October. We plan to feature the Brooklyn Bridge 2 and the Empire Streamer (that has been already shipping for the last few weeks) at the upcoming and For more details please email or call us.

Sincerely, Michal

Well I didn’t get it

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I did get emailed on the 12th.

Anyone got their Brooklyn Bridge? :smiley:

Hi, everyone!
I have something to share with you. It’s gonna be very, very interesting. Soon.…. :smiling_imp:

I haven’t heard of anyone yet

I am glad to have read this thread… I was actively looking into a Mytek Bridge II + Amp+… but guess will stick with my Lindemann gear (Musicbook Source II + Amp Power 500 II) for now (and Lindemann folks do answer phones and e-mails).

There should be some internet database with fraudulent audiophile companies to keep the hobby healthy.


And if you look at the Mytek website they are offering seemingly good deals to rope potential customers into making significant deposits. Why would any company need money for a “deposit,” from a potential customer. My feeling is that Mytek is without cash and they need future customers money to keep the lights on and this is a recipe for disaster. A “Ponzi,” scheme for sure. Taking from one to pay the other I believe should be illegal. Am I wrong here?

Agreed, I was an owner of a BB and was fortunate enough to sell it. I was looking forward to the BBII as I really enjoyed the BB, but after empty promises and lack of communication I can’t see myself taking another chance/risk w/ Mytek.

I wish them nothing but success moving forward, but the damage is done, my .02.

I wonder how is the FTC case against Mytek going. @Kevin_McEvoy wrote something about it couple of months ago.

Havent heard a word in months
Communication back & forth after complaint looked promising sadly another toothless government agency have little faith anything will come from it
Btw, as of Dec 2022 Mytek STILL has Not delivered BB2 they started accepting payments for Feb 2021

They are ‘bigging it up’ on YouTube. Even down to the new screen ‘that will not fail after three years like on the original’ :astonished:

So if they know that, they should be replacing any failed screens for free even outside warranty.

Still no active deliveries. I am just waiting for “Due to unforeseen economic world-wide influences, we are sorry to say Mytek is closing its doors,” email. And I am doubtful that Mytek’s Micael will be proactive in returning all outstanding deposits. Once again how is this not illegal, taking people’s money and holding it hostage and not providing a product month after month after month.