NAD M10 bluos not certified


Could you please tell me, because Roon says : BluOS M10 device not certified (this device may not work correctly).

I have one. Works great except it does not pass MQA fully unfolded.

I have one as well. It plays well. However, I’ve noticed a bug where the M10 end-point will occasionally disappear as I switch tracks. I have to reboot the M10 after this happens.

I paid good money for the NAD M10 and have had nothing but problems with Roon. NAD says it is being fixed by Roon and Roon says it is being fixed by NAD.

The M10 still shows “Uncertified”. I paid Roon $500.00 for their software and the issues have been going on for ten months.

Roon, please work with the vendor and help get these problems resolved. Quit pointing fingers. Make an official announcement here letting users know what is happening.

Thanks for the reply. Great customer service.

Hello @Stephen_Seay,

I apologize for the lack of a response from Roon staff, we did not catch this post of yours. For future reference, the Roon support staff monitors the #support category as well as mentions of the @support tag in posts outside of the support category.

I’m sorry to hear that you are running into issues when using the NAD M10 with Roon. Your frustration is certainly understandable, you purchased these goods with the expectation of a great music listening experience and you have not received what you had bargained for. The Roon Ready program was started precisely of because stories much like yours, where consumers would purchase audio gear and run into endless headaches getting it to work with the pre-exisitng suite of audio streaming options.

At this point in time, the NAD M10 has not passed all of the tests required to complete Roon Ready certification. We have given NAD our feedback on what needs to be resolved in order to attain Roon Ready status for the device. We are waiting on NAD to deliver us a new firmware with the changes required to resolve the outstanding feedback. We remain ready and willing to assist their technical team with the development of the fixes.

While I cannot speak to any timelines as to when this work will be finished, they have informed us that work is ongoing and that they intend to see this device become Roon Ready certified.


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#InTheSameBoat - My M10 could use some more love in regards to Roon performance.

Thanks Roon for passing the buck on this issue, not providing any meaningful response, and pointing the finger at NAD. They are doing the same to you. How about a refund for your non-functioning software and we call it a day?

I think I will go back to my credit card company to try and get my money refunded for my lifetime license.

What kind of problems are you having? I have a NAD C368 and it also shows as Uncertified but I don’t have any real problems using it with Roon.

I have owned NAD M10 for several months now — problem free. No issues with MQA. Singing gloriously to KEF R3 with every ROON function working as advertised.

I understand your frustration but not sure how you can blame Roon for this. You bought a product that is not certified as being Roon Ready and thus will have issues this is why there is a certification process and it only gets it when it works.

NAD don’t seem to mention Roon Ready on there website for the product either. Not sure why they shipped with the code in it, if it’s not actually bonafide. There does however seem to be a big issue with newer BluOs products and Roon and neither seem to be getting to the bottom of it.

The NAD M10 product website stated it is Roon Ready, (don’t know if the do now) their advertising states it is Roon Ready and the vendor site I bought the N10 stated it was Roon Ready.

When listening to the M10 using the Roon application on my iMac often time when I pause the music and come back and click play nothing happens. It happens some days all the time and on others days 20% of the time. Roon has worked well with a Lumin streamer, Aurender N10 and ACS10, and my current dCS Network Bridge. My issue is I can’t go somewhere and get a straight answer to the M10 locking up when streaming with Roon.

Roon shouldn’t issue a license to a manufacture when their software hasn’t been successfully tested and certified. That would push the companies like NAD to get Roon working prior to releasing a product like the M10, or not advertise it as Roon Ready.

I have tried wireless and wired connection to the M10 and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Many times I will need to unplug the M10 to get Roon working again. When using BlueOS to listen to music on my NAS or Radio Paradise I don’t have a problem.

Since I have a problem with Roon, I come to roonlabs to solve the issue or work with NAD to assist in getting the M10 certified. Trying to solve this problem has resulted in finger pointing at NAD saying the problem is with Roon and Roonlabs stating the problem is with NAD.

I work in health care and in IT and I’m sure hospital patients are glad when something goes wrong with a critical piece of equipment that relies on one or more vendors they don’t start pointing fingers they work together to resolve the problem.

NAD may not list it as Roon Ready today, but they did last year when I bought the N10.

I’m looking to Roon to work with NAD to figure out the problem. I’m not the only owner of the M10 that has reported problems with Roon and the NAD M10. I would consider the M10 to be a “newer” product since it was introduced last January.

Roonlabs should do the right thing and refund my money since they allowed NAD to advertise with their Roon Ready logo when the M10 wasn’t certified and still isn’t certified. An advertised certification like “Works with Roon” should mean it WORKS WITH ROON.

Also, I could care less if the the M10 works with MQA. I haven’t reported that as a problem and it doesn’t add value for how I use Tidal and my home office system

You have every right to be frustrated.

It’s very likely that Roon and NAD/Bluesound are working to resolve the problems.

I have no inside information, but I would bet that NAD jumped the gun on listing it as “Roon Ready”, and it was Roon Labs that asked them to remove it until the unit had gone through certification.

If you are looking for a refund, it should not be from Roon Labs.

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Then you have every right to be frustrated but your beef is with NAD and the vendor. Follow the NAD link from the Roon Labs partner site and you will see that the M10 is not listed as Roon Ready.

Roon can control the certification process and what it puts on its website but it much harder to control what others sya. @danny is there anything you can do to stop your partners jumping the gun like this? This has happened with the number of other products and thought they get sorted it causes quite a lot of frustration for some. I wonder though if this one is part of the wider Blu/OS problems that are out there.

I would assume that implementing Roon on an audio device is a partnership, not a finger pointing exercise. If Roonlabs is serious about getting Roon working properly with NAD they could help get this fixed.

Some people don’t have issues with Roon and BlueOS devices, but their use case may be different from mine.

NAD has looked at the log files on my N10 and state the problem is with Roon. NAD made Roon capability available in early 2017. It is now almost two years and issues remain.

The same issues are being reported for the Node 2.

I mentioned the NAD product website showed it in the past as Roon Ready. As an end user of the M10 I wouldn’t have gone to the Roon site to confirm NAD was stating something other than the facts.

Fascinating read.

Roon owns the standard that NAD must conform to. That gives Roon the right to point the finger back at NAD in almost every case. I have a feeling that Roon would be very excited to work with NAD but NAD is off on other priorities (like the M33). Again, just a feeling I have based upon your description of NADs response, other users experiences with NAD vs. everything else that is properly “Roon Ready”, and Roon’s responses here.

I don’t recall the M10 ever having the “Roon Ready” stamp on itself and I’ve been following the release of this thing. NADs marketing did use the word “Roon” in the early days of M10… but I don’t recall “Roon Ready”. It would make sense for them to do so since there are other BlueOS based devices that are stamped “Roon Ready”; I would have expected the M10 to get the easy stamp. However, saying “Roon” and “Roon Ready” on the marketing literature are two very different things. Even the Bluesound devices, which share the same code with NAD, have various reports of issues around these forums. Issues I don’t see popping up with anywhere near the regularity as other brands. And, maybe that fact, is the reason Roon has stopped granting “Roon Ready” to any new NAD devices until they fix their code.

If I were you… I’d focus all my anger at NAD. You can also tell them there are Roon users who are withholding NAD purchases because their stuff is constantly being reported as “having issues” on the Roon forums. I’m one of those individuals. I would have bought the M10 months ago but wasn’t willing to live with the issues others have reported here.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, January 4, 2017 — NAD ELECTRONICS , a leading manufacturer of premium consumer electronics for home audio/video, in partnership with sister brand Bluesound, announced today that it is making BluOS™ firmware upgrades to its line of BluOS-enabled devices. BluOS version 2.10, available for upgrade by January 31, 2017, will enable NAD’s BluOS-enabled devices as RoonReady® Network Players, allowing users to stream high-resolution music up to 24-bit/192kHz throughout the home directly from Roon’s intuitive, information-rich music library.


I’m surprised there isn’t a “Safe Harbor” statement attached to that press release. Anyway, you read that press release wrong and you should be upset with NAD about it. It said BluOS would be Roon Ready (which Roon doesn’t stamp software Roon Ready; it stamps devices). This lead you to believe that 1) The forward looking prediction in this press release that software will be released would actually get released and 2) The forward looking prediction of capabilities described within that software would work across all NAD hardware, now and in the future, which supports BlueOS.

The positive is that the software was actually released.
The problem is that the second prediction, that it would have full functionality / capability for all NAD hardware now and in the future, isn’t holding true; yet.

This is why I don’t buy stuff until it’s working. Often times something that someone predicts will happen doesn’t actually happen and then we’re in the situation you are in. You should become friends with those who own Hegel.

I own 14 NAD devices - 12 CI720s and 2 CI580s - and had to live with a sync issue for over a year before it was fixed. During this time NAD and Bluesound initially refused to admit there was a problem continually pointing at Roon, and then finally admitted they would fix it, but it took multiple firmware releases to get it finally addressed and they never clearly communicated about it along the way. I have no doubt this again is a NAD / Bluesound issue and they will not be transparent about admitting a problem or a timeframe to address it and it will likely not be a quick fix as Roon is not the highest priority for them. And even if there is an issue that Roon has to fix that will result in a new version of RAAT that would likely have to be implemented in a firmware update by NAD so they are always the long pole in the tent. Having said this I like NAD gear and am very happy with the way Roon works with my gear once they got it fixed. While it is easy to point a finger and get mad at Roon it is not their job to represent the plans of a device manufacturer to address issues with their products or timeframes for certification.