NAD M33 and Roon: how's your experience been so far?

Hello !

I’m currently considering “upgrading” my HiFi system and the NAD M33 is one of the serious candidates: it seems to have a good amp section with the Purify Eigentakt modules and the feature set is second to none. I also love the looks with the big touch screen. Anyways, I was wondering if some existing M33/Roon users could share their experiences and impressions:

How has your experience been using Roon with the M33 since it was recently certified? Any quirks to report? How about overall sound quality and useability of the machine itself?

Specifically: I read in another forum that there’s a delay of 50ms between inputs and output, meaning that sound will be out of sync with the image of a TV (even using HDMI ARC)/… Any truth to this ?

Thanks !

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2 big caveats:

No DSD support and you can’t even use an external DAC with DSD support since everything goes through the NAD DAC and the best you can get is 24/192.

I can’t get the HDMI 2 Module to work. I’ve tried two different modules and each MDC connection port but can’t get it to work. Their support, thus far, has been useless – they want me to bring it to a service center. However, since the USB module works, there is something funky here which I am still trying to figure out. Wonder if anyone else has had this problem.

Thanks for the feedback Steve. I don’t use DSD so the lack of support for that format isn’t really an issue for me. The fact you can’t get that HDMI module to work is understandably annoying and a bit worrying. The standard integrated HDMI port would be enough for me though. I hope you can find a fix.

Hi, does Dirac still do its thing when using Roon ? ,
I have a NAD M33.
Thanks Paul ( my first post )

I have an m10. The hdmi with Samsung tv is garbage for me. It either auto goes to it even when set as off which is annoying as I like to watch sport with no sound and play music sometimes or needs resetting at both ends constantly when you do want it.
DIRAC is fab, real eye opener for me. The app for iPhone used to be garbage so I used a laptop to set it up. I don’t know what the updated app is like for DIarAC yet.

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Brothers from another mother I tell you.

So I did some Dirac live setups on Friday afternoon and evening and I obviously have no idea what I am doing, but I was shocked by the difference between the base line and the final version. Only using the basic mic and didn’t want to spend £180 on a better one really.

But I have split my HT and music listening as I find that they both work better when separated. The M33 looks like a great Amp/streamer.


Yes we have a few similar ‘quirks’.

As you know I have the attention span of a gnat so even though I have had all good intentions with tape measures, lasers, first reflections etc etc I tend to do half a job. DIRAC with a much lesser system has amazed me at its ability.

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Yes I imagine with the bass management built-in to the M10 (and most of the new NADs I imagine) then Dirac would be even better.

The M10v2 was near the top of my list for purchases but I ended up wanting something that had a more class A/B bias, but I am considering one for the future study move when son goes to university :smile_cat:

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I have no complaints. I wired two subs in at speaker level and have tannoy speakers. I bought the full DIRAC as I have another NAD (568) in another room so figured it would be more cost effective across two.
I don’t know if you have heard of Alchris audio speakers? Used to be Kralk? Very well reviewed by all that have had them. So much so that I have been after some second hand kralk tbd12 for years. May be worth a look at the site as his speakers punch well above their weight. I love the AR66(?) replicas too!

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Nice… Having a little look now :+1:

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Had an M33 for about 6 months now paired with a pair B&W 703v2.

Reasonably impressed with it, roon integration is superb along with Tidal connect which is about all I use it for.

Have got the tv connected via eArc HDMI and this is the only real annoyance - as with others, automatically overrides the default on the tv and starts audio in the amp if wake on wifi/network is enabled.
The other issue with this is the volume level is extremely low via HDMI and where I might be on 35% vol for Roon, I’m on 60% for HDMI.

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I’ve been doing this since college; feel like I can see the field/game better w/o the announcers directing my attention.

I too have an m10 w/ a Samsung 55" TV, and the HDMI experience has been really solid. it just works, unlike with the previous TV, a Toshiba/Amazon Fire TV Edition.

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It’s the best way to watch sport I reckon.
I need to reset all my hdmi stuff and reconnect in order I think but need to get round to it. I used optical and that’s fine but needs turning up.

I do have the HDMI volume discrepancy @Psyclops mentions. I’m not sure that’s an M10 issue tho.

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@garye are there any hdmi lip sync delays using these? I am considering changing amps and getting rid of my AV receiver as well to streamline but if I can’t alter sync it will drive me nuts. I imagine using Dirac will cause some delays and I understand bluOS does to allow for multiroom.

I have zero delays with my M10/Samsung TV connected via eARC.

Never enabled Dirac so I can’t say if there is delay with it enabled.


I don’t have any sync issues with samsung tv. I use DIRAC and this doesn’t affect mine.

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I have a Sony TV I guess will have take the risk when it comes to the time.

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Another question can you turn off the screen during playback?

Yes you can and brightness can also be adjusted.

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