NAIM NDX 2 & Network Problems

My new NDX 2 was working normally for around 3 days then late Friday night my network “fell over” and numerous devices were not working when I restarted the router & velop mesh network (bridge mode). By disabling IPV6 I have managed to get everything working except the NDX which is hard wired.

After reading a few posts I did some investigation & discovered that the NDX2 had been assigned an out of range IP address i.e. (normal range 192.168.x.x), this certainly explains why the Roon can’t locate the streamer while it’s in a different subnet.

I next tried setup with Wi-fi access, and an in range IP address auto-allocated by DHCP, and Roon quickly identified the streamer everything then worked!

I’m now trying to figure out how the out of range IP is being allocated. Factory resets haven’t helped and the NDX gets reassigned the out of range address every time the ethernet cable is connected. Needless to say, Router, Mesh network etc., etc., have all been restarted but the wired connection is still picking up the erroneous IP.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Does the NDX have uploadable firmware set that you could reload? My Bryston BDP-1 went tilt (just tonight) and I had to change CF cards…(corrupted card)…I was having to chase floating IPs before I switched CF cards.

Just a guess, but makes no sense the NDX would run out of range. Might be worth a ring to the manufacturer on Monday. Good luck.

You could try assigning an IP address manually in the router.

Really easy to fix I think. In the Naim app there is the option under settings to set the IP address to one within the range or alternatively redo the setup routine.

My Naim isn’t on at the moment but happy to fire it up to screenshot the relevant bit in the app.

Good idea but from the app you can only change the active connection address, in this case the Wi-fi.

The NDX wired port is continually picking up an address in the wrong range i.e. 169.254.x.x so the Naim App nor Roon can see it :thinking:

I’m not sure about reinstalling firmware but it’s a possibility, speak to the support team.

It’s Monday here :wink:

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No you can set the IP address of the unit for either wired or WiFi - it doesn’t matter which. If you tell it to have a static IP address it will use this for either.

I have done exactly this with mine although I know reserve an IP address at router level. Let me grab a screen shot.

Monday here too…4:22 am…Cali

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So I’ve highlighted the bits you need to click on. When you get to the final screen uncheck the DHCP and put in your chosen IP address and makes sure you leave all the other settings the same.

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If the streamer is using an IP address outside of the normal range offered by your DHCP server, chances are that the server can’t see it. I’m not sure that messing with fixed IP addresses is going to solve anything, and generally I’d say it’s always best to stick with DHCP anyway.
If the streamer works over WiFi, the prime suspect has to be a fault in your wired network. Can you bypass as much of this as possible by connecting the streamer directly to the router with a cable that you know works properly? My guess is that it will then work as it should.

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Thanks Chris (& everyone that has made suggestions).

It transpired that there was an intermittent physical Ethernet connection (disconnection) at the wall socket which happened frequently enough to cause my headaches.
Even though I had run an automatic dc pair scan across the link, which tested OK, eventually I noticed the port LED would occasionally extinguish for a few minutes!

I proved this with a very long Ethernet cable to bypass the permanent link.

There was no visible physical problem but after re-terminating the cable and reassembling everything sprang into life again, happy days😀

It’s not always the app :roll_eyes:


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Situation now resolved, an intermittent wall socket connection.

I did try setting of a fixed address in the app but only the wireless connection was visible to change. I now have a fixed ip for the wireless if I need to use it, Plus a fixed ip set at the router for the physical connection.

Thanks for your suggestions.


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How you finding the NDX2 network fun aside?

TBH I’ve had the NDX for 6 days and a dodgy network for 3 so have been pre-occupied most of that time sorting the network (as nothing else was working).
Initial impressions are the whole sound is more “Tight, detailed &/or controlled.” Bass depth & control is exceptional to the point that I have wound the output of my sub down a few notches. Some very familiar music is soundIn rather different as previously unheard instrumental parts are suddenly being revealed.

The “acclimatisation” continues but overall I’m very pleased with my purchase.

I had been seriously considering upgrade my ND5 XS2 to an NDX2.

But instead I’ve gone mad, am selling the Naim and ploughing much of the money into my vinyl front end and using a R Pi in Ropieee configuration and a Topping D50S for digital.

When I win the lottery though I will return to Naim with a NDX2 and SN3 I think but for now I’m enjoying my records so much and the D50S is surprisingly capable.

NB Just for the err… record, I have always loved vinyl and rarely buy new albums. I have hundreds of my own I bought when records were still a thing first time round and hundreds I’ve inherited and not even listened to yet!

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I “cleared out” my small vinyl collection a couple of years after the arrival of the CD. It was a revelation, no static clicks’n’pops, discs less susceptible to damage (not indestructible as the manufacturers advertised) listening became far more enjoyable.

I have hundreds of CDs that have received one listen but still buy them, albeit far fewer than I did before my Tidal subscription started. The joy of collecting CDs is my addiction :grin:

When that lotto win happens you won’t regret the investment :+1:

The purchase of a Cyrus Phono Signature has more or less removed general background noise as an issue from my records although yes the odd pop is still there.

I did part with some of my collection but only because the prices were so high and I could largely replace it with second pressing for a fraction of what I sold the first pressings for :rofl:

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Aaaah! Digital processing to remove “click’n’pops” :joy:

The Cyrus is just a normal phono stage, albeit configurable. No digital shenanigans.

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No it’s just an extremely good Phono stage. Wouldn’t do ADC and back :slight_smile:

It’s not cheap though hence balancing the expenditure between digital and analogue for now. And then there’s always the question of whether to add a PSX-R2 to the mix.

When will it ever end :joy:

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