Naim Uniti Atom Upsampling problems

I currently have a 4th gen i3 which is fine for normal Roon activities. But when I enable DSP up sampling to 384/32 (max for my Atom) although the processor did not seem to max out, I found that it sounded like it was dropping samples, freaked out sometimes (checked cpu at these points and seemed ok) and any time I changed the volume it what start to stutter. From this I can assume my machine is not capable of DSP up sampling so was wondering do I really need an i7 would rather have a more energy efficient i5 is possible.

What is the processing rate shown in your Room signal path during 384/32 upsampling? If this is at least 2.0x, the cpu should be fine. PCM–>PCM upsampling is fairly low on the processor requirements compared to working with DSD.

It may be equally likely that your network or endpoint is not keeping up with the higher transmission rate.

It’s 8x to 16x so I have enough CPU grunt. I’ll check the network bandwidth. Would that effect the volume though? Seems odd that it breaks up adjusting volume via the app, which directly controls the amps volume.

My calcualtions are that it would require about 25mb//s for 384/32. Last time I checked my powerline was getting 40 but it could be dropping. Will have to conduct some tests.

What amont of RAM do you have? Is it buffering to the disk? Is your network over your power line? I’ve seen where others have had issues do to that type of network gear. Can you try Ethernet as a trial?

I have 4gb, and running Vortexbox which is pretty slim OS, so it should be enough, nothing else runs on the core either. I cant use direct Ethernet the core is too far away and its really not practical to move it or have cable running around the house (small kids) The same network cable streams video with higher or similar bitrates but I guess they may buffer better than the Atom.

I’m thinking network could be the issue. I might dial down the upsampling so its smaller files and see if things become smoother. Then see if I can borrow a very long Lan cable and start to ramp it up

I have an i7 and it still struggles to do DSD128 or above with DSP on! Apparently Roon is unable to reduce the number of unnecessary “taps”, though I understand that this is being worked on.

I just had it all start to breakup again when resampling to 32/384 the max my Unit Atom can take. Not sure how to work out if this is a network or something else @support if I supply a log and let you know which track I had issue with would you be able to give an idea of what the issue might be network/internet or hardware limitation.

Hello @CrystalGipsy,

Please provide a brief but accurate description of your current setup using this link as a guide. Any further information about your networking hardware would be helpful as well.

Does Roon present any errors to you when this is happening? Or are you only hearing audio artifacts with no error shown?


Sorry for the late reply been away. I think my issue was network bandwidth in the end. I’ve decied I prefer the sound of the Atom without upsampling any way, You can close this.