NAS SqueezeBox Rescan etc

Hello @support,

Setup is: NAS SYNOLOGY 1512+ with 2,3 T° music (almost FLAC)/5X2T° RAID 5, PIONEER N70A, SB TOUCH, Core on a MacBookPro SSD 750 G°.

1-I was not able during my trial to play ROON via my SB TOUCH. Doesn’t appear on network.

2-I added 3 albums on my NAS and launched a rescan , it took days before I stopped the process; in comparison, on the Logitech Media Server, when I launch the analysis of new files added, it takes around 2 hours.

3-I’m happy with the album covers which were added on the ones I didn’t have, but when I browse by Artist, a lot are missing.

4-I tried to download the ROON on my SYNOLOGY NAS (like I did with Logitech Media Server and it runs flawless since, very elegant solution); but it seems I haven’t enough RAM and it’s not stable ; can you confirm the 1512+ Synology isn’t able to run ROON? My son told me we could add 1 or 2 G° RAM, would it be sufficient?

Sorry for my bad english.
Jean-Marc, from France.

Hi, @Jean-Marc_Ackermann, thanks for the questions!

  1. You were not able to play via your SB Touch probably because you had LMS process running on your network or you didn’t enable SB support in Roon. You can get more info from this page.

  2. In terms of Roon audio analysis has different modes and underpowered machine could be the reason why it took so much time to finish the analysis.

  3. You didn’t get pictures for some artist simply because unfortunately not all artists have a photo on metadata source we get info from.

  4. You can visit this page where we have recommended specs for running Roon.



Thank you for a quick reply!

1-I enabled SB support, and I stopped LMS on NAS Synology.

2-I use a 2011 MacBokkPro 13, upgraded with 8G° 1067 MHz DDR3, SSD SAMSUNG 500 G°, Intel Core i7 2,7 GHz; I think it’s OK isn’t it?


4- Already read this, but the question is: I cannot upgrade to 4 G° RAM, I only can put 3 G°: will it be sufficient?



  1. As far as I can tell you have to manually disconnect your Squueezbox from LMS and then when SB will give you a list available servers choose Roon’s ip.

  2. Well, I thought you were running RoonServer NAS as a Core. Could you please follow the procedure described on this page. And write down your setup here?

  3. If you want to use it as your Core and not just storage location, the answer unfortunately is no, we cannot guarantee that RoonServer will act properly o the machine which doesn’t have sufficient resource.