Native DSD from ROCK to RME ADI-2 DAC

Hello, coming from Roon with Windows 10 (Asio driver) I am wondering that DSD native via Rock install is not possible. Using an INTEL I3 Nuc and it works great, but this is unsatisfying.
Is this a RME problem with Linux or a Roon Rock problem not to work in this way with the RME device?

I would post in the support category instead of here and fill in the form with the required information.
DSD does seem to be possible going by this thread

no, you have understand me wrong. DSD native is not possible to set via roon device settings using ROCK, it’s only possible to see it in ROON settings in Windows 10 with ASIO driver.
that has nothing to do what RME internal does with DSD files

There is no “Native DSD” without a matching driver. It seems there is no matching driver for Linux.
You might get DSD over PCM (DoP) via generic USB Audio Class 2.0 driver working.

that’s what I mean with
“Is this a RME problem with Linux or a Roon Rock problem not to work in this way with the RME device?”
so it’s a RME topic, right?

It’s usually up to hardware manufacturers to provide drivers for their products. So you might want to contact RME and tell them that you are unhappy with them not providing a Linux driver.

There is no Linux native DSD for RME. It supports DSD256 DoP.

My understanding is that ROCK supports DSD256 DoP as well, so I guess it should work.

Forgot to say that I also tested Lumin U1 MINI (Linux) playback of DSD256 DoP to ADI-2 Pro to be working, so I expect ROCK should work too.

I have difficulties to believr it is z RME problem, as Jussi Laako , developper of HQplayer id using this dac himself. And Jussi is a big supporter (to say the least) of upsampling to DSDz56 and higher.

I have been prooved wrong. Thanks for correcting me here.

I did some checking to find back some topics (on another forum), and I am definitely wrong.
Being confused on what is exactly meant by ‘Direct DSD support’ . It does not (seem to) exclude the need of DoP.


Capable DSD DAC can do that.
I’m using a Naim Dac V1 which supports DSD connected with USB to Rock and the signal is perfect

Yes of course, I use a T+A 8 DSD dac which in fact, has 2 seperate dacs, 1 for PCM and 1 for DSD (in fact this is an analog filter only)

Yes, I know it too in the meantime. I have also an IFI micro idsd black which works perfect native with ROCK. Thank you all for your replies.