Native Dsd playback issue with the T+A PDP3000HV

I am using roon nucleus plus but I am not able to native dsd is missing as an option for dsd playback. My dac is T+A PDP3000HV which support dsd playback. Pls advice

Has it been certified as native in Linux. Most are native in Windows with supplied drivers but DOP into Linux with a ceiling of 128 (2 x DSD).

Can I know how can I know if it is certified in Linux? Thanks

It should be in the published specifications of the product. But sometimes this is done by enthusiasts and not necessarily the company.

T+A ship discrete Windows drivers for async usb connections that support all resolutions. With a generic Linux usb driver you’d most likely not get full support for all the perks that the T+A offers :frowning:

I would believe there should be a patch file or update to resolve this. Is Roon support able to provide some assistance here?

@support might get you some traction…but not all dacs play nice with all operating systems

Thanks for reaching out, @Chin_Poh_Neo.

Unfortunately T+A DACs do not currently support native DSD playback on Linux. If you haven’t already, it may be a worthwhile to reach out to T+A and see if they have any plans to support this in the future.

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@ Dylan I m very confused by your comment. Isn’t t+A listed as one of the tested and workable dac with roon? Now you are saying it dun work. Is there some kind of misrep? I have purchased the gear and software on this presentation. So I would expect a solution from you

The Nucleus uses a subset of Linux. Your DAC works with Roon, but the manufacturer hasn’t implemented everything necessary for it to report native DSD capability to a Linux computer.

Roon can’t solve this. T+A need to provide the necessary information to the ALSA developers of Linux.

Edit: T+A use the Amanero USB module which is said to be in beta for Linux. See news from T+A in this thread:

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Roon Tested devices from our partners have been profiled and tested by both Roon Labs and the device manufacturer for maximum compatibility.

Roon will recognize these devices and send them audio optimized for their capabilties

Pls tell me which part of the above text lifted from your website explain edwhat you have written in your reply.

It highlighted that roon has tested these devices to the MAXIMUM CAPABILITIES.
Am I not reading it correctly. Is always easy to push the issue to other people and get yourself off the hook.

Look at page 61 of the User Manual. It refers to Windows or MacOS as a requirement. The fact is that Linux will work up to DSD 128 via DOP, but T+A don’t sell this device as having a native USB DSD capability when connected to a Linux computer.

I’m not a part of Roon. I’m a user like you. I would love for you, and all other T+A users to be able to listen to 512 DSD from a Linux computer like the Nucleus. But T+A don’t currently make it that way. If the PDP 3000 HV uses the Amanero chipset, as seems likely, then T+A are themselves waiting on Amanero.

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Hi, this is the page T+A need to contact:

If the device is XMOS powered it is possible it can be made to work. There is an Amanero device there plus I am sure others use that board, but if T+A use their own vendor i.d. on the USB it won’t be recognised. That might be a relatively easy fix.