Need Help to stream DSD to SD3100HV

@jussi_laako Please recommend me some pointers for the faster computer just to load HQPlayer Desktop so as to have a comfortable headroom to process other source to DSD 1024 and maybe DSD2048 in the near future. Presently I am using a i7 MBP with Tidal and Roon licenses. I intend to purchase the HQPlayer license and like to know if there is a additional cost to transfer the HQP license from the MBP to the new computer in the near future. Thank you.

Best options at the moment are ones with i9-9900K(S) or i9-10900K CPU. These may still require careful tuning of settings to reach DSD1024. In addition they can also run DSD256 output using the EC modulators which is good option too.

But one thing to pay attention to is how silent it is under heavy CPU loads unless you can locate it outside of your listening room. Getting such Windows/Linux PC is easier. Apple has iMac with i9-9900K, I have one myself, but it has pretty loud fans under such processing loads. I’m not sure, but they may have already updated iMac to be available with 10900K instead which is similar to 9900K, but adds two more cores (total of 10 instead of 8).

With devices like SD3100HV that have built-in NAA functionality it is technically easy to keep computer located in some other room so that loud fans don’t become an issue.

And a CUDA ready card helps out a lot as well.

Hi Daniel,
Is this CUDA card a separate card from the Geforce GTX2060 GPU card as recommended by Larry?

No. That EVGA card is a CUDA card.

@jussi_laako @Rugby Many thanks for your system recommendations and lately I have been scouting around our local computer stores. As I am very new in streaming, I seek the advice of the community to assemble a new computer so as to be able to upsample from 44.1Hz to DSD1024 with HQPlayer/Roon. The new desktop will be located at my living room which is a distance away from the music room. What is the best device to interface music room to the living room so I can do changes to modulator/oversampling HQP in the music room. Thanks to all.
I found a store with a package deal of the spec below and a option to change CPU from AMD RYZEN 9 3900X | 4.6 GHZ | 12 Cores 24 Threads to i9-10900KF with additional cost SGD315.00. Any suggestions are welcome.

At the moment AMD CPUs don’t seem to perform as well as Intel ones in HQPlayer computing tasks. This may change with Ryzen 4000-series, but remains to be seen when those are available and tested.

hi Daniel, as I plan to have my desktop computer located at the living room (like yours in the basement office), can you change modulator/sampling setting of the HQPlayer in your music room without having to go to your basement. Is so, how did you manage it. Thanks.

@jussi_laako Thanks for the insight on AMD.

With both HQPlayer 4 Desktop and HQPlayer 4 Embedded, you can change active filter/modulator/rate /mode settings from HQPlayer Client (included in HQPlayer 4 Desktop installer). Or alternatively on Android and iOS from HQPDcontrol app. In addition, on HQPlayer 4 Embedded you can change these settings from front page of HQPlayer’s web interface using browser or any suitable device…

Hi Larry,
I would like to upsample from 44.1kHz to DSD 1024 with the HQPlayer. Have you done this with your Core i9-9900K (8 cores) 2 3.6 GHz plus Geforce GTX2060. If so I may scout for this options. Thanks

@jussi_laako Thanks for the insight into the remote setting with the HQPlayer Client.

Hi Lee,

the PC I am currently using has a Core i-9900K + RTX2080 graphics card + 16G RAM.
I use poly-sinc-hb-2s filters for oversampling and DSD5 modulator.
This configuration works well and upsamples any PCM rate in the range from 44k1 to 192k to DSD1024.
Using higher order modulators like ASDM7 or more demanding filters fails however and would require even higher PC performance.
My PC is about 2years old now and I could imagine that the new 12 or 16 core AMD Ryzen processors might be a better choice today.

I think Jussi has some experience with the AMD processors and I think he could give some additional and valuable advice…

@jussi_laako I love the sounding from the poly-sine-ext2 ASDM7EC, SDM. DSD512 to my system. I want the new PC to be capable of upsampling from 44.1kHz with poly-sine-ext2 ASDM7EC, SDM to DSD 1024.
The local computer store representative proposed

  1. Processor + Mobo i9-10900K + Asus Rog Maximus Xii Hero Wifi
  2. GPU Asus Rog Strix Gaming OC rtx 2080 ti
  3. Ram G.Skill Trident Z RGB 3200Mhz CL15 2x16gb
    He says that I could also go for the faster AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X 24-Core, 48-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor.
    Kindly do let me know your take on these and advise accordingly.
    Many thanks to all for the great supports.

Yes, I use that setting up to DSD256 since that is the limit of the DAC currently attached. The EC versions are…great.

It will be great for me if I can get a custom built PC to convert the Flac 44.1kHz files from Tidal/Roon to poly-sine-ext2 ASDM7EC DSD1024.

@jussi_laako @Larry_HV I just received the proposed list below for the desktop PC from the representative of the computer store. Please help to review the list and suggest any area to improve so that this PC is able to upsample from Flac 44.1kHz to poly-sine-ext2 ASDM7RC DSD 1024. Greatly appreciate all your endeavour in helping me to achieve this goal. Many thanks.
Proposed Desktop PC

If I were you, I would wait another month or so.
Nvidia just announced their new family R30xx cards - the RTX 3080 for about 900$ should deliver twice the performance ot ther RTX 2080.

Not in realtime, with that hardware, you can get DSD256 from ASDM7EC. With lighter modulators you can get DSD1024 though. To get DSD1024 from EC modulators, offline file conversion with HQPlayer Pro is only option for now.

Dirk, many thanks for your advice. Looks like my intentions to upsample from Roon Radio/HQPlayer to ASDM7EC ext2 DSD 1024 is not possible from the availability of the present hardwares. Hopefully more powerful CPU from Intel or AMD in the near future can help to achieve this goal of mine.